Simply put, a lifestyle is the way in which a person chooses to live. Still not entirely sure what that means? This lifestyle definition has the answer.

Coined by famed Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler in the late 1800s, lifestyle is a term that we all know, but fail to truly grasp.

Lifestyle calls upon your attitudes, opinions, values and interests to place you into a specific category. Somebody that buys designer clothes might define their lifestyle as ‘luxury’. Likewise, somebody that doesn’t agree with social norms might define their lifestyle as ‘alternative’.

While often a reflection of how we believe that other people view us, defining your lifestyle is actually largely personal. Somebody who spends two hours in the gym each week might consider themselves to lead a healthy or active lifestyle, while somebody that spends four hours in the gym might not.

It’s your choice. However, there are also a few factors that can influence the lifestyle that you choose.

Culture, family lifestyle and social class have all been shown to influence our lifestyle choices. For example, somebody born into a religious family is more likely to lead a religious lifestyle, while somebody born into wealth is inclined to live a life of luxury.

Lifestyle definition: Identifying your lifestyle

It is possible to label just about anything as a lifestyle, so long as it is the thing that defines or encompasses much of your existence. For example, somebody that loves to play video games might state that they lead a ‘geek’ lifestyle. Likewise, somebody that lives for food might state that they live a ‘foodie’ lifestyle.

Common lifestyles include health-related lifestyles (e.g. healthy lifestyle, foodie lifestyle), income-related lifestyles (e.g. luxury lifestyle, simple living lifestyle) and spiritual lifestyles (e.g. Bohemian lifestyle, religious lifestyle).

To identify your lifestyle, consider what defines you as a person. Your lifestyle reflects you as an individual – it is effectively your personal identity.

If you’re still unsure exactly what lifestyle you lead, consider this. To figure out your personal lifestyle definition, just ask yourself: if your personal life was your job, what would the job title be?

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