Effective leadership skills are just as important as a dynamic business strategy. Do you have what it takes to make others follow you?

Organisations are continually faced with the pressures of breaking into, or excelling in a chosen market.

Technology, demographics, and globalisation are but a selection of disruptive megatrends sweeping throughout the world, causing an international climate of unpredictability.

Therefore, powerful leadership skills are fundamental in guiding an enterprise through the turbulent impacts of mercurial markets.

In that regard, spearheading success requires understanding the internal and external environments your business interacts with.

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Be up-front

As such, transparency is a core quality that leaders must demonstrate, especially in a world dominated by social networking.

In fact, social media platforms have even gone so far as to change the power dynamic between businesses and consumers.

To this end, the upstream flow of ideas means that people can share their user experiences with both a company, and a global audience.

Thus, industries and consumers are asking more from organisations than ever before, particularly in regards to social responsibility.

To keep up with these demands, corporations should focus on transparent and transformative leadership skills.

These qualities are essential for flourishing during a potential setback, as opposed to surviving it.

Leadership skills - Compelo


Furthermore, transparency is a useful tool in regards to maximising social presence for advertorial gain.

Millennials are the current generation dominating the attention of marketers and analysts. They are the largest generation to date, and as such, have huge spending potential.

One of their major characteristics is also the skill in which they wield their smart devices for everyday use.

While social media is a driving force in branding initiatives, research reveals that dark social is an increasingly valuable resource.

Dark social refers to social activity that isn’t monitored through analytics. Data suggests that up to 77% of sharing happens on these platforms, such as email, or messaging through Whatsapp.

Thus, leaders should demonstrate greater involvement through influencers to harness the assets of platforms that make up dark social.

Social media platforms represent a ubiquitous presence throughout culture. As such, they are relatively economic options for information, brand reputation, and customer service objectives.

Think outside the box

Additionally, an innovative spirit is a core leadership skill of increasing importance in a world of drastic technological change.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging from science fiction literature to become a real and fundamental aspect of daily life.

As such, innovation relates to harnessing the enormous power of technology as part of a strong business strategy.

Therefore, the Internet is a fundamental element of innovation, especially in light of the disruptive influences it continues to render.

Companies must become increasingly digital in order to differentiate themselves from competitors, and stand out to consumers.

Furthermore, even the most traditional of industries are utilising technology and the Internet in their manoeuvres. Businesses are applying data analytics as part of implementing and tracking strategy.

Leadership skills - Compelo

Thus, at their core, effective leadership skills must include the ability to thrive in a volatile economic, political, and social climate.

By no means a simple requirement, outstanding leadership should also strive for transparent communication with its consumers, along with focusing on the fundamental importance of technology within business strategy.

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