Looking to start an Instagram business or promote your brand online? Well a new study has shown that women are more successful, and make more money, on Instagram than men.

A new study has revealed that women receive five times more interactions with their posts than men do. Interactions include likes, comments and all important click-throughs, which are vital for selling products, content marketing and basically just getting users through to your site. The study looked at over a million Instagram posts and the data unlocked some vital insights. Don’t market yourself or your business on social media until you read this.

Instagram is growing at a rapid pace. The site has 600 million active users, and one sixth of those use it every day.

Mike Bandar, co-founder of Hopper, the company who conducted the research said: “These findings that women receive five times more Instagram interactions than men show just how tough it is out there for male-focused brands and influencers to build followings and reach audiences. It’s not all doom and gloom though, insights like this are an asset that can help users create content that will best connect with their audiences.”

Instagram stats you and your business need

What makes a successful post?

The research showed that overall the Gingham filter had the most likes, followed by the Clarendon filter.

Posts relating to personal experiences, such as travel and weight loss stories, received the highest engagement rates. Posts featuring animals were the second most popular images, and scenic shots came in third place.

Captions are also vital for click-through rates, however including “see more” saw 15% fewer click-throughs than posts without this call-to-action. Emojis and hashtags are also important, and hashtags such as #instagood, #photofotheday and #tbt (meaning throwback Thursday) were the most popular, and the most successful.

What time should users post?

The data found that for Brits, the best time to post is between 6pm and 7.30pm - probably when people are commuting or eating their dinner and browsing the app! Wednesdays have long been touted as the best day to post for the highest engagement. When posting on a weekend, 11am is the peak time.

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