Facebook founder and international start-up star Mark Zuckerberg passes on his wisdom to Harvard’s graduating class today, and at long-last also gets his degree.

Today Mark Zuckerberg will impart his influential and entrepreneurial knowledge to the eager, bright minds of Harvard’s graduating class.

As such, the globally renowned Facebook founder will follow in the tradition of great entrepreneurs before him.

How, you may ask?

To begin with, he turned an idle idea into one of the most influential tech start-ups ever. Think in the likes of software whiz Bill Gates of Microsoft.

However, Zuckerberg is also similar to Gates in that he’s the speaker at an Ivy League commencement ceremony.

While this opportunity is no doubt an honour, being the keynote speaker isn’t entirely the whole story.

Rather, it’s the fact that Zuckerberg, like Gates and Steve Jobs is a university dropout.

Funders and Founders/Anna Vital

Mark Zuckerberg on a road somewhat travelled

The creator of a favourite voyeuristic tool, Zuckerberg never graduated from college.

While Harvard did accept the coding progeny into its hallowed halls, Zuckerberg applied his skills to projects outside of the classroom.

As such, he initially created his social networking platform for students on Harvard’s campus.

However, he soon saw the potential in his social software. Thus, he dropped out of university to dedicate himself full time to one of the biggest web start-ups in history.

While a Harvard education didn’t directly lead to Zuckerberg’s accomplishments, one of its dorm rooms was Facebook’s nesting ground.

As such, it’s only fitting that he pass on his wisdom and insight to today’s graduates in the setting that hosted that fateful spark of inspiration.

In what marks Harvard’s 366th Commencement, the university will broadcast a live stream of Zuckerberg’s speech.

Zuckerberg will finally also receive an honorary degree from the ceremony’s proceedings.

Watch it now to take notes on one of the most influential web entrepreneurs alive today.

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