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  • Started in 1989
  • Helped over 700,000 businesses
  • Corporate compliance guarantee
  • Excellent Customer support service


  • Friendly, quick, and courteous assistance.
  • Quick and easy

About the Brand is a Corporation Service Company that offers not only corporation formation, but also other business formation services like LLC formation services. It is a small business division of CSC® (its old name).

CSC was formed in the year 1989, and it became a worldwide leader among businesses under the niche of business solutions. Having said that, they are the company corporation behind various services for around 500® companies. After a few years, CSC became Nowadays, they have helped more than 750,000 businesses, both corporations, and LLCs.

What does do? They stated on their website, “ provides a range of services that are appropriate to every state of the small business life cycle.” Their services are available in all states of the USA as well as in the District of Columbia.

Specifically, they assist companies and individuals in creating or forming limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, non-profit, and many more. They also act as a registered agent for newly formed LLCs and even their old customers.

If you are a small business owner planning to avail of LLC formation services, read on to find out if is the right choice for you. We gathered feedback from several customer reviews, and help you decide whether this brand is your “The One”. In this reviews, we gathered its pros and cons, as well as things to consider determining if is worth it for you to invest.’s Advantages

One of the greatest advantages of is its longevity.  With over three decades of existence, the company has many experiences in business formation, in both LLC and other business entities.

Another thing you would like with the company is their customer support. In one customer reviews, the customer said, “The experience was just as we expected. The support agent was knowledgeable and friendly, and managed to answer our question without a problem.”

In addition, they also have multiple modes of reaching out to customer representatives. Certainly, they offer lots of conveniences. LLC Formation Packages

incorporate-pricing offers three LLC formation packages – one thing that customers like. These are the Starter package, Essentials package, and The Works package. The packages usually state fees included. 

Starter package ($99 + State Fee)

The said package includes LLC formation, Filing, and organizing the Articles of Organization, Business Name Check, and Online Access to their Documents.

Essentials package ($249 + State Fee)

This package includes all along with the Starter package + Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) and LLC Kit and Seal. AN LLC Kit and Seal is a binder with the company name printed on it. It comes with your personalized decorative seal. In addition, they also provide sample documents to serve as a quick grasp of the files you have to comply with your state.

package costs ($349 + State Fees)

In this package, you will get all in the Essentials + Business License Research Package (sometimes called as business license compliance package), and Operating Agreement. The Business License Research is a service wherein will help you out in identifying licenses, permits, and tax registrations your LLC requires to be able to operate as part of the compliance requirements.

In addition to their packages

They also have individual offers to help you stay compliant with your business requirements. They can give you a registered agent service at the price point of $235 per year. In addition to their packages, they also have individual offers to help you stay compliant with your business requirements. They can give you a registered agent service at the price point of $235 per year. In addition, they also offer an annual report service. Annual report service cost only $150.

Incorporate.Com LLC Service Brand Reviews

We know that every company or brands have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, there are many things in that you would love as well.

First is their Corporate Compliance Guarantee. They are sincere to help you with your business and they want it to stay alive in public. Thus, if your filing becomes invalid due to the errors they accidentally made, they are going to do their best to resolve it. Otherwise, they will pay you back.

Second is their extensive collection of comprehensive guides. They have so many learning tools and manuals available in their online Learning Center. You can access it anytime. It contains many useful topics such as state-specific formation requirements, tax filings, and tax deductions.

The third is the easiness of placing orders. Would you want to form an LLC or a corporation? If you are not sure of the answer, their business formation wizard will help you figure out the right business entity for you.

Next is their turnaround time. Though does not promise an overnight turnaround or same-day shipping, they guarantee you that they do the filing right away after they received all the files and details they need. When you reach the last part of your order form, will show an estimated turnaround time so you will have a grasp on when your order will be fully processed.

Last but not least is their good customer support service. can be contacted through different channels – email, phone, and live chat. According to customers’ reviews, “Though their support performance varies depending on which Customer support channel you use, their overall performance is satisfactory.”

Is This Brand Right For You?

You would primarily consider this brand if longevity is your top priority. started in the year 1989. They just changed their name from CSC, but their business formation services continue to develop.

You would also use services if customer support service were in your great priorities. According to reviews, the company gives excellent customer support in every mode you choose. In addition, they offer a Corporate Compliance Guarantee wherein they fix any errors in your LLC filing as long as the error comes from them. If they cannot, they pay you back instead.


Overall, is not the least LLC or corporation service company. Rather, it is included in many other LLC service companies and is one of the best choices by its customers. They have proven their excellence throughout the decades. No company can stay in the industry for that long if their performance does not make any difference. Thus, we rate them a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Cost value costs higher than other LLC and corporation service companies do. They also do not include registered agent services in any of their packages. Despite this, offers great service quality. Their corporate compliance guarantee can justify its cost value.

There are only a few companies offering such offers wherein they fix errors made by them, or if not, they pay you back. Thus, we give 3 out of 5 stars in this rating category.

Customer service

There is little online customer feedback about the company. However, we were able to find some positive customer feedback, showing customer reviews with their customer support services.

The reviews highlighted, “We tested their chat function first, and received a response almost instantly.” In addition, the customer said, “We also sent an email and received a detailed response in just over 24 hours. While we hoped for a quicker response, the level of detail they included was much more than expected, which was a pleasant surprise.”

Their phone support is also professional with the customer review that states, “When we called, we received a similar response to that via chat and email. Our question via phone was answered professionally.” With that, we rate this category with 4 out of 5 stars.

Ease of use

When you go to the site, you will see that they have a clean interface. If you do not know what business entity is the best for your company, they have a business formation wizard that you can use to help you determine what is best for you. With this, we give them 4 out of 5 stars.

Included features has three packages. The starter package has the lowest price, and the works package got the highest price point, with the Essentials package in between.

As for its features, a starter package is enough to start an LLC. If you want to avail more services, you can upgrade to either up to the Essentials package or The Works. That would depend on your needs.

The downside of these three packages is that a registered agent service is not included, so you will not have any other choice but to pay a separate fee. Moreover, they have LLC Kit and Seal containing sample documents, which may not be very important to business owners when compared to registered agent services. Having said that, we give these 3 out of 5 stars.

2 Top LLC Alternatives Reviews


ZenBusiness is one of the best alternatives to having positive customer reviews. It is offering many features such as Business formation (preparation and filing) — the most important service, which also applies to other business entities like S-Corp and C-Corp.

They also offer Name availability search, Registered agent services, DBA, registration, operating agreements, Federal employer ID number, Annual business reports per year, Ongoing state compliance requirements, New York State Business Formation Publication, and Filing amendments.

Northwest Registered Agent-1

Another one that belongs to the best LLC service companies is Northwest Registered Agent. They also have good customer support service and gain positive feedback from customers.

Unlike other companies, they only have one package available. The package includes Name Availability Search, Preparation, and Filing of Articles of Organization, one year of registered agent service, Operating Agreement, and Fast LLC Filing. They also have additional services that include Federal Tax ID Number (EIN), Compliance Filing, S Corporation Election with the IRS, and a Second Telephone Number.’s Disadvantages

One of the disadvantages of is that their one year of registered agent service does not come with any of their packages. Thus, if you want to stay compliant and avail of such service, you have to make another payment that costs $235 per year. In addition, you can also avail of their annual report preparation that costs $150 annually.

One more thing to consider is their turnaround time. It is good that they do not promise you anything, but they just do their part. However, if you want a fixed turnaround time, may not be for you. Their duration process differs from one state to another. One thing you can do is to inquire to their customer support service and ask the probable process’ time duration for your filing to be completed based on the state where you want to form an LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Offer Any Discounts? offers discounts on certain occasions. They usually give it out on holidays.

Other Than LLC Formation, What Else Can Do?

They are also able to provide assistance with IRS filings. That includes EIN acquisition, LLC tax status election, and nonprofit status. Added to that, they also offer mail forwarding services as well as DBA registrations, foreign qualifications, amendments, entity conversions, dissolutions, and reinstatements.

Does Handle Requirements Like New York Publication and Alabama Name Reservation?

Unfortunately, does not offer assistance in terms of publication requirements. This is because it is not a part of business formation. It is rather a part of a prerequisite prior to business operation. However, they can handle name reservations in Alabama because this step is required for the state’s business formation.

Does Sell or Share My Information With Third Parties?

No. does not include any third-party partnerships. Thus, there is no reason for them to pass any information to other business entities. If privacy is your highest priority, can absolutely do the work.

How Quickly Does Process LLC Formations? length of processing information, as well as the turnaround time, varies from one state to another, but they do not have the chart for such details. If you are eager for faster processing, you can upgrade to their higher packages.

How can we contact for support?

You can contact directly through a phone call at 855-236-4043. Alternatively, you can contact them via email. Just head over to their contact form on their site and fill up the details.

How long shall we wait for a response in an email from

Generally, an representative will reach out to you via email within 24 hours or within one business day.

Does Have a Refund Policy? will only give you a refund if you canceled your order before they could submit your documents to the federal, state, or local office. Otherwise, they reserve the discretion on whether they will grant you a refund or not.


If you are looking for an LLC service company that already lasted for many years, is the best. They started their corporation formation services in 1989. 

Another best thing about this company is its excellence in customer support service. You can contact them via email, live chat, and phone calls.

They offer three packages namely, starter, Essentials, and Works package. The disadvantage is a registered agent service is not available in any of these package. Thus, you have to purchase it separately.

Their corporate compliance guarantee also makes them stand. In every error on their part, there is a solution. If there is none, they will pay you for the inconvenience.

If you are looking for some alternative to consider, we can recommend either ZenBusiness or Northwest Registered Agent. Both offers registered agent services.

Lastly, if you need more information about, do not hesitate to go to their website. It is ““.

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