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  • Founded in 2015
  • Origin in Austin, Texas
  • Available across all US states


  • Operating agreement
  • Registered agent services
  • Employer Identification Number registration
  • Searching for a business name

About The Brand

If you are starting a new business and you are looking for a firm that has experience in LLC formation and offers agent services, Inc Authority might be the suitable solution for you. Inc Authority is an online service that offers business formation packages that are suitable for entrepreneurs. They have unique features that cannot be found on other platforms .

Inc Authority was established in 1989, which makes it a firm that has plenty of experience in LLC formation services. They also have the most experienced agent services. The firm has been helping several businesses in all 50 states in the U. S. They have helped in forming over 130,000 business entities from the time it was established. 

Their services are affordable and that might be the reason they receive many customers. They do not attract large businesses only, but also small businesses. Many people have formed their new business through them. 

Inc Authority Advantages

Inc Authority offers a free LLC formation service. This is a unique feature because it is one of the two companies in the whole industry. Business owners can go to Inc Authority without having to worry about many expenses. They offer a registered agent service in all their business formation packages. 

They have a discount coupon for some of their services you buy that will cost you money. A 20% off coupon is given for certain services. This has attracted many people. The order coupon has no specific spot, and it is most likely to appear when you leave the form page idle for some minutes. 

Inc Authority has several reviews online which are mostly positive because of their great customer support services. Their staff focus on making their customers satisfied. 

Inc Authority1

Best Overall Value

Inc Authority

  • Expert support staff will help answer any questions you have
  • Filing tax and drafting documents

Inc Authority Reviews

2020 has been a successful year for Inc Authority because of an increase in the number of businesses they have been able to help set up. Inc Authority has had an increase in its profit, making it one of the successful firm’s offering LLC formation services.

However, the question many people ask is Inc Authority the best option? Well if you are looking for cheaper services and a credit building system business then Inc Authority might be the answer for you. There are other alternatives that have similar services but expensive. 

Below is a look at the different packages offered by Inc Authority.

Inc Authority LLC Formation Packages

Inc Authority is similar to its competitors because they also have different LLC formation packages. Business owners can choose either the free, starter, executive or tycoon package. 

The free package

The free package is the most affordable. You only have to pay the mandatory secretary of state  fee. The package comprises a business name search to know whether or not the name is available in your state. 

Filing LLC formation documents to the state to make your business entity official. A year of registered agent service for free. After the year is through, you can renew the service every year, which is also cheap. They also file your business tax.

Starter package

This package consists of all features on the free package plus some additional features. 

The additional features include drafting for your business an operating agreement, providing you with a binder for your business documents, offering ownership certificates, acquiring an employer identification number EIN on your behalf. They also offer you a year Inc protection advisor for one year. 


This package contains all features in the starter package and some additional services. This includes a business license report website domain, which will enable a business owner to gain access to the business licensing software of Inc Authority. 

You will also get a website domain. 


The package comprises everything in the executive plan and additional features. This includes fast orders, receiving software tools that will help your business. It also offers business credit coaching sessions, which take 90days. It is essential for you to receive a credit building system, credit bureau registration, and the express processing services.

Inc Authority LLC Service Review

Inc Authority is a firm based in Nevada. It is one of the oldest firms in the LLC formation and registered agent service field. Inc Authority has succeeded in helping more than 130,000 businesses since 1989. It is considered one of the best firms because of the quality of their services. It has a unique feature that has attracted thousands of customers. This feature is that it offers formation service packages at no cost which is a feature only offered by Incfile and the firm. 

The firm is a suitable choice for both a limited liability company and small business owners. The packages can be appropriate for a business owner with a tight budget. They complete orders at a fast rate. Businesses can decide on a package they feel is appropriate for them. All their packages do not include state fees. You have to pay the state filing fees separately. 

Inc Authority has excellent customer service. Many entrepreneurs have been able to accomplish a lot through the help of the staff and the services they get.Inc Authority is ranked as one of the firms which have the best LLC service.

Is Inc Authority a Good Service? 

Inc Authority is among the best online LLC services firms in 2020. Some of its competitors are Incfile and ZenBusiness which are also on the list. Inc Authority has the best customer service which is fast and affordable. Inc Authority also offers a business license report.

They also help in searching for your business name in your area to know whether there is one or not. The Better Business Bureau rating of Inc Authority is A. They have a rating of 4.6/5 stars which makes it a firm offering an excellent LLC service in the country. 


Inc Authority has helped several small business owners since it was established. It offers LLC formation services that are cost-friendly. You can afford their starter package because it is free. All you need is a state filing fee. 

Inc Authority has qualified staff in the field of LLC formation services. They are able to guide the business owners. Besides that, they also have business coaching services which might interest you. 

They also offer a business checking account which is made possible through the partnership of Inc Authority and the Bank of America. 

Cost Value

Inc Authority is affordable. The lowest package is free, which makes it easy for every entrepreneur to access their services. They have other packages that also have beneficial features. 

You can either select the free starter, tycoon or executive package. They are all beneficial because   packages come with the drafting of an operating agreement, business filing services, and a registered agent. An Employer Identification Number is part of some packages. 

The starter business bundle is the premium package, and it comes with features such as a record book and a 1year Inc Protection Advisor. The tycoon package might seem expensive but it has good services such as a multi-tiered credit building system and a website domain.

Customer Service

According to the customer reviews, Inc Authority has the best customer support service. The staff helps out in all the processes of forming new business entities. Inc Authority values customer feedback.

Most Inc Authority customers are satisfied. This is the reason they have high customer ratings. There is a prediction of more customers in the future because of their great customer support service. Inc Authority has fewer customer complaints.

Ease of Use

Inc Authority reviews online reveal that it is one of the easiest platforms to use. You can register the business entity you want Every step is explained which makes it easy for you to know what you are doing. Inc Authority offers the best services.

The steps include going to the site and press the ‘Start Now For Free’ button that is on the website. 

From there you will find the LLC registration process which is described in a few steps. You will need to pay the secretary of state fees during registration.

You are required to fill in your personal details or any other member of the LLC’s details. 

A business name and description are required. You can opt-in as a member and can opt-out of some services like the drafting of the operating agreement and getting your EIN number. 

The last step is to give out payment and billing details for the purchase to go through. 

Included Features

For state filing fees work such as filing and naming of business documents will be done for you by the firm. 

You will have to pay to get some features like an EIN or operating agreement because they are not available in the free LLC formation services Inc authority offers. A website domain, a record book and getting a federal tax id number are some of the services you have to pay for. 

A coach multi-tiered credit service, better credit bureau registration is part of the tycoon package which is essential in the process of running a business.

With all these offers the customer service Inc Authority offers is the best.

2 Top Inc Authority  LLC Alternatives


LegalZoom is a company established in 2001. They also offer an excellent online formation service. They have managed to serve many customers. It offers access to a wide range of legal services and products to help business owners and managers navigate the legal issues and challenges of starting and maintaining businesses. The company is ideal for someone looking for more comprehensive and quality legal services beyond company formation.


ZenBusiness was established in 2015. It has been ranked as one of the best LLC websites. ZenBusiness is an excellent choice for business owners looking to form an LLC formation service with reasonable rates. It comes with a variety of features including registered agent service, EIN, and operating agreement among others. The services offered include free compliance for annual report filing alerts, and a worry-free CPA assessment in its basic package to help with business taxesZenBusiness has many positive customer reviews which prove it offers a good service



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  • Guarantee of longevity and money back
  • Comprehensive and cost-effective business legislative plan


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  • Fast Filing Speeds
  • 100% guarantee of accuracy

Inc Authority Disadvantagess

Inc Authority does not have a clear price on their website. You can view the prices of a  business formation service but you can’t see the service charges of a specific service.

After looking at the process of forming your business you will get additional services. You need to view the price of these services before selecting a package that is not possible in Inc Authority.


Inc Authority has LLC formation packages that are suitable for your business. As a business owner, you should think of getting their service. They will help you in the business formation process and you will have an easy time in starting your business. There are other alternatives to Inc Authority such as Incfile in case you feel their services do not match your expectations. However, if you are looking for excellent customer service then the solution is Inc Authority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Inc Authority have any discount offers?

There are no promo codes, discounts or sales for Inc Authority on their site. This might not be essential because they offer the LLC formation service for free. There is no need to get a discount when you can get the service for free.

Does Inc Authority have an excellent customer care service?

Inc Authority has customer support through phone, email or you can access it through their website. All these options come with excellent customer care service.

Their staff are friendly and have knowledge of the LLC formation process. Every step is explained and the process is easy. The only problem with their customer support service is it lasts for a short period. It is only on business days from 11am to 8pm. They also have express processing which is part of the business formation services they offer.

The comparison between Inc Authority and other LLC providers?

There are alternatives to LLC providers which many people might prefer instead of Inc Authority because they provide excellent services.

Inc Authority is at fourth place in the ”7 Best LLC services” guide. This might be because of their website which isn’t easy to use. There are better LLC service options. You can choose ZenBusiness or LegalZoom as an alternative.

Is Inc Authority LLC website suitable for your family or friends?

This is a difficult question. Though they have a free formation package which is great and their excellent customer service. However, there are better options than Inc Authority you can recommend for them to use.
ZenBusiness is one of them. Their services are excellent all around.

Is Inc Authority suitable for building business credit?

Inc Authority has the BizCredit Express program which is made to help in building business credit fast for your old or new business.
They also have an express business credit coach who sets up your business profile which will help you in the process. 
Their business credit coach multi-tier will help you run your business well. It is safe to say Inc Authority offers an excellent building system business credit service.

Is Inc Authority’s business funding analysis helpful?

Inc Authority has a business funding analysis service which will be appropriate if you are looking for funds to help in your operations. Your company’s needs will be assessed by a financial expert who will recommend the appropriate funding options.

Is Inc Authority legit?

Inc Authority is a company that is legally registered. It is under the INCAUTHORITY.COM companies.

How much does a registered agent cost in Inc Authority?

If you are using the free package an agent is free for a year after that you will paying the registration fee.

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