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IConomy: Highest-spending UK consumers want evening deliveries, study shows

The IConomy - or individual economy - describes how retailers, services providers and individuals demand a personalised service and will reject those unable to meet their expectations

Of the UK’s highest spending demographic – people with full-time jobs – about 65% want their goods delivered in the evening between 6pm and 10pm, according to a new report on the so-called IConomy.

Also known as the “individual economy“, this describes how retailers, services providers and individuals demand a personalised service and will reject those unable to meet their expectations.

The research conducted by YouGov for the IConomy fulfilment leader Localz shows that 53% of Brits do not want deliveries to interrupt their personal life, while 30% would prefer they didn’t intrude on their working day.

Those aged between 25 and 55 within the pool of 2,000 respondents typically prefer receiving their parcels between 6pm and 8pm, while those aged over 55 opted for the 6am to 11am slot, the inaugural 2018 ICurve Report also found.

Tim Andrew, CEO and co-founder of Localz, said: “Today, delivering ‘customer satisfaction’ means more than just delivering.

“As this research shows predicting and meeting individual requirements, aspirations and expectations is complicated.

Tim Andrew, CEO and co-founder of Localz (Credit: Twitter)

“Each customer has her own ICurve and those delivery services which fail to take this into account can expect to go the way of high street shops.”

Other key findings of the IConomy report

Almost nine in ten Brits would rather communicate directly with their assigned delivery person should they want to change their delivery date, while 75% want to know precisely when their package will arrive.

Additionally, six out of every ten respondents said they want to be able to track their delivery as it progresses and 36% of consumers want to the ability to change the location of their delivery on the day to that of a neighbour.

Commenting on the ICurve report findings, psychologist Emma Kenny said: “Home delivery of goods and services combine all the top stress triggers.

“Missing out on social engagements and potentially risking medical issue, by avoiding the call of nature, are symptoms of modern life being less healthy than many who enjoy the benefits of personal technology may realise.”