The Tweetosphere is chirping with positive feedback in light of the newly released and inclusive Heineken political ad.

Dutch beer company Heineken just brewed an eye-opener of an ad about open-mindedness and unity.

The ad features a social experiment called “Worlds Apart”.

It opens up by stating: “Two strangers divided by their beliefs”.

Then, to the soundtrack of an anticipatory gong, six people briefly describe their political views to the camera.

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A tantalising sense of expectation mounts as each of the perspectives differs from one another.

Furthermore, the audience catches on that none of the participants know the full details of the study.

Put into pairs, the stars of the ad are tasked with building a bar as an icebreaker.

No one knows anything about their partner in carpentry.

Just over four minutes long, the advert is divided into five categories. The installments portray each member disclosing information about who they are to one another.

Heineken political ad: #OpenYourWorld

Once they successfully complete their tasks, they perch on their newly constructed bar and use five adjectives to describe themselves.

Additionally, they share three qualities that they have in common with their new companion.

Good-natured bonding ensues, until they watch a video of themselves stating their conflicting political perspectives from the ad’s beginning.

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Then, a voice from a loudspeaker introduces the participants to a cross-road:

“You now have a choice. You may go or you can stay and discuss your differences over a beer.”

What comes next gets the tear-ducts working.

Over “beer and discuss”, the participants continue to interact, open to the idea of getting to know their political opposites.

A male who began the ad by saying that feminism is man-hating, ends up clinking beers with his staunch feminist partner over a cheers of “Smash the patriarchy.”

Another pair end up deciding to exchange numbers, and agree to stay in touch.

Thus, it’s fair to say that Heineken’s #OpenYourWorld movement gets the good vibes rolling, and Twitter users are in agreement.

Their support also throws Pepsi’s pulled advertisement with Kendall Jenner into even harsher criticism.

Time describes the ad as a “glaring misstep.”

Furthermore, audiences accuse Pepsi of exploiting America’s nationwide Black Lives Matter movement for commercial gain.

Twitter posts even go so far as to say that Heineken just released the “anti-Pepsi” ad. Users also laud the beer manufacturer for “bridging the political divide.”

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