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Harvard Business Info

  • Founded on March 2, 1981
  • Origin in Lewes, Delaware
  • Available in Delaware
  • Ultimate corporation services


  • Business incorporation services
  • Pricing
  • Customer service
  • User friendly interface

About The Brand

Formed on March 2, 1981, Harvard Business services Inc. still remains the leading Delaware-based LLC incorporation specialist. Since its formation, the company has been on the rise in terms of popularity. This owes to the fact that Richard Bell, the founder, carried along with the experience he acquired at one of Delaware’s largest Registered Agent firms where he once served as a manager.

 Having been familiar with what the customers usually crave, he rocked the industry with exactly what every customer seeks in a service; cheap but excellent services to clients. Today, Harvard business services is a story that many LLC incorporation company owners dream of. The firm, under the current president and son of the founder Michael Bell, has helped more than 140,000 people to incorporate their businesses.

With their top-rated services as evidenced by positive customer reviews and 5 stars online ratings, it is likely one of the top business incorporation services out there. Well, we offer you comprehensive Harvard Business services reviews, alternatives, and additional information to help you make an informed decision. 

Harvard Business’s Advantages

  • Harvard business services boast a user-friendly web interface
  • They also provide one of the best pricing packages in the market
  • Harvard business services offer excellent customer service
  • They offer bilingual customer services as well
  • Harvard business services guarantee a year of free registered agent services 

Best Overall Value

Harvard Business

  • Harvard business services enjoy great online customer reviews
  • They offer bilingual customer services as well

Harvard Business LLC Formation Packages

Green Package

The green package is the entry-level design for forming an LLC or corporation. It is economically and environmentally friendly yet includes everything you will need to get started. As with the rest of their packages, you will have to pay State filing fees as well. Once that is done, you only have to wait for 3-5 business days to receive their email delivery.

Some of the key services offered with this package include:

  • Same day electronic filing
  • Name check clearance
  • All Delaware fees
  • Registered agent services for one year free
  • Preparation Certificate of Formation/Incorporation
  • Digital corporate seal
  • Basic Domestic Package
  • Email with Approved Documents
  • Lifetime Customer Support

Basic Package

This package includes everything you need to form an LLC or corporation plus digital documents required to maintain the business. Harvard business services process the subscription within 4-6 business days. The package guarantee all the services offered by Green plus additional features like: 

  • Operating agreements
  • Hard copy of documents
  • LLC or corporation essential documents
  • All shipping fees
  • Bank resolution form
  • Digital membership
  • Standard package

Standard Package

This is the most robust package with the services to maintain compliance even outside the US. Despite that, the customer service team will only take 3-5 business days to process your information. Once done, you are guaranteed all the Standard domestic business formation services that include the Basic and the Green package services plus the following additional features:

  • Gold Seal Embossed Company Binder
  • Delaware Company Guidebook
  • Meeting Minute Book
  • Stock transfer ledger

Harvard Business LLC Service Brand Review

Before we get deep into the reviews, here is a quick summary of what we liked about this brand:

  • Ease of placing orders
  • Overall pricing and value
  • Track record
  • Customer service
  • Overall turnaround time


Harvard business services are met with a lot of reputation online notably thanks to their simple and easy-to-use interface, same-day filing, excellent customer support service, and great registered agent pricing. A Better Business Bureau (BBB) score of A+ backed with 5 stars average customer ratings prove it is a legitimate provider.

 Do Harvard Business Services Have Refund Policies?

Despite their services, you still stand a chance of being refunded whenever you want. All you need to do is to cancel the subscription within 30 days then contact them. Harvard business services refund process is pretty simple and fast via a call and doesn’t involve filing documents. Despite that, they only deduct a 5% for service fee and wire the rest back to your account immediately.

 What are Cookies & How are they Important to the Harvard business website?

Cookies are small file text downloaded to your browser whenever you visit a website. Sometimes, Harvard business services allow third parties such as analytics or ad targeting to provide services on their website, during which they use cookies. In that case, when you visit their website, your browser may receive cookies from several sources. As Bell clarifies it, Harvard business services use these cookies to understand how you use their site and improve your experience.

Does Harvard Business Company Share my Information with a Third Party?

Even though their policies condemn sharing client’s information with a third party, the company does share some of your information under certain circumstances. For instance, they may share your information with affiliates, share it with third-party service partners, targeted ads, or share your information to respond to the judicial process and government request.

Cost Value

If you are forming an LLC in the Delaware, Harvard business services should be your priority. Their speedy processing, a year free registered agent service, and other enticing formation services at affordable point price make them worthy of consideration. Besides, if you value customer support, it is hard to go wrong with Harvard.

Customer Service

One of the main reasons Harvard business services hit 5 stars among many clients is their reputable customer service. The organization can provide assistance throughout the life of your company. Their most popular services with clients are:

  • Offer  certificate of good conduct
  • Apply for a new Federal Tax
  • Pay annual Franchise Tax
  • Pay agent fee
  • Offer Operating Agreement Template
  • Order Apostille Service
  • Order a certified copy

The best part, Havard business services is directly connected to the Delaware State Division of corporation database. This makes the channeling of business information between the state and the client a breeze. The information is offered in both English and Spanish.

The support team is available any time from 9 am to 5 pm and is readily waiting to answer your questions. You can contact them via email, phone call, or fax; just Google their website and select the contact channel that is convenient to you. 

Ease of Use

Their excellent services are aided by their online user-friendly interface. Once you Google their site, all the features are easily accessible and easy to manage. For instance, if you want to apply, all you need to do is select a package, type your personal information (phone number, personal address, Fax number, & email address, etc), include an EIN, and then send. 

To improve user experience, Michael Bell allows third parties to use cookies and similar technologies. According to Michael Bell, the use of cookies & similar technologies help the Harvard business service team to perform site analytics, measure site usage, show personalized ads, obtain support from partners, and personalized content shown on their website.

Included Features

Even though it is not the best-packed LLC incorporation service out there, Harvard business services come with all the necessary features for effective business incorporation. Here are some of the key features you stand to get:

Preparation & Filing of Organization

This is a form you are required to fill when creating a new business with the help of Harvard business services. Thankfully, the company’s excellent support team fills out and submits the form on your behalf. 

Operating Agreement

The document outlines your company’s rules of ownership and operation. It is not a mandatory requirement by Havard business services but it is very important in the life of your company. It outlines how your business allocates its profits and losses, voting powers, each ownership allocation, and means of management. 

Name Availability Check

They carry out a regular availability check throughout the Delaware business database to ensure that your business name is available and hasn’t been claimed by someone else.

Ongoing Compliance Notification

Harvard business services guarantee a regular compliance notification so that clients don’t miss out on updating annual reports and tax documents. 

Registered Agent Service

Harvard Business services registered agent is very reliable. The good news, Bell offers this service for a year without charging a cent, after which, you’ll have to subscribe to their cheap annual charges. 

LLC Kit & Seal

There is an LLC Kit & Seal with your business title and a decorative seal customize for your LLC. It also includes more sample documents, larger transfer ownership changes, meeting minute books, and more. 

Federal Tax ID Number/EIN

Employer Identification Number (EIN) also known as Federal Tax ID Number is a nine-digit number that is issued by the IRS. Think of it as your company’s social security number.

Sample Documents

Other Harvard business services include providing you with a template to create your LLC operating agreement, offering you a digital membership certificate, and banking resolution form among others.

2 Top Harvard Business LLC Alternatives


Zen Business came into the picture in 2015, and since then, this Texas-based business formation service has dominated the industry. Given their great services at an affordable price point, they have helped thousands of small business owners form an LLC. 


Since the company was formed in 1999, they have helped not less than 2 million businesses off their feet. They boast overwhelming positive online customer reviews and an overall 5 stars customer rating courtesy of their excellent customer services. If you are looking for an LLC formation service that allows regular access to an attorney, this could be a great option in the industry. 

Harvard Business’s Disadvantages

  • Harvard business services are limited to Delaware State. 
  • The higher tiers’ (the Basic & Standard) additional services don’t add much value over the Green services
  • Their formation service charges are a bit higher compared to some of the top services.


Our comprehensive review should be enough to help you decide as to whether Harvard Business Services, Inc is the right choice for your needs. In a nutshell, Harvard business services grant you an opportunity to form a company in a minute, enjoy free name checks, and many other incorporation services at affordable price points.

Their excellent services are evident by the 5 stars online clients ratings, superb better business score & unmatched positive customer reviews.

With that said, if you want to incorporate a business in Delaware State you should look no further than Harvard business services. Please contact and share your experience with us as you enjoy their great LLC incorporation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Harvard Business Services Worth It?

Right from affordable packages, a year free agent service, same-day electronic filing, to excellent customer services as evidenced by A+ better business and 5 stars online ratings, there is no doubt  Havard business services can’t go wrong.

How do I Find a Delaware Registered Agent Service?

To find a Delaware registered agent service, you have to physically visit their local offices. The address is 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, Delaware 19958 USA. Thankfully, the customer service team is always available during normal business hours to attend to your questions.

What are Delaware Corporations?

These are companies that are legally registered in Delaware state but are free to conduct business services in other states as well. This law was introduced in the 19th century as a way of luring companies away from other states like New York. Today, many companies want to incorporate in Delaware due to their quality of services.

When Should I Form an LLC with Harvard Business Services?

Harvard Business services are reserved for Delaware LLCs. Meaning, you can only form a Delaware LLC with Harvard. Should your business be out of the State of Delaware, it would be a great idea if you consider the alternatives.

What is Delaware Franchise Tax?

In general, the franchise tax is the fee charged by the Delaware State for the right to own a Delaware company. The charges vary depending on the type of business, but for an LLC they charge a flat annual rate which has to be paid before June, beyond which you get penalized.

How Fast Does the Harvard Business Process LLC Formation?

If you want a faster incorporation provider, Harvard business services is a great deal. Forming an LLC does not last more than 3 days with their Green package. The higher packages may take more days to process your information due to additional services, but forming an LLC won’t take more than a week.

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