The federal government has exacted its influence and indicted Charles “Chuck” Rizzo, former Rizzo CEO, on charges concerning conspiracy and bribery.

The US government is taking out the garbage today, in more sense than one.

It recently threw charges of bribery and conspiracy against Charles Rizzo, former CEO of trash disposal firm, Rizzo Environmental Services. Its parent company is GFL Environmental. 

The indictment also targets Rizzo’s father, along with Gasper Fiore, owner of a lucrative towing company.

Like the plot from a political thriller, the FBI uncovered shocking evidence of public corruption eight months ago.

Specifically, it found out that Rizzo had bribed five public officials for political advantage.

Former Rizzo CEO - Compelo

Courtesy of New York Times

Former Rizzo CEO: From garbage to greed

However, it appears that acts of bribery run in the Rizzo family.

Prosecutors are charging Charles P. Rizzo, Chuck Rizzo’s father, with seven instances of mail and wire fraud. Shockingly, these actions were part of up to 10 other plots to embezzle money from the garbage company.

Furthermore, the federal government is charging Fiore with of paying bribes in cash to a Dean Reynolds.

Reynolds was the trustee of Clinton Township in Michigan’s Macomb County.

In March 2016 Fiore gave Reynolds thousands of dollars in order to secure a towing commission in the township.

Consequently, prosecutors believe that Fiore paid up to $7,000 in cash to Reynolds.

Furthermore, he executed the transaction through Rizzo Jr.

Acting US attorney Daniel Lemisch commented in a statement:

“This indictment demonstrates our commitment to bring to justice all participants in bribery schemes, including both the corrupt public officials and the bribe payers seeking to profit from public contracts.

“Our citizens are entitled to decisions based on the best interest of the public, not the best interests of politicians who accept bribes and bribe-paying contractors.”

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