You’ve all heard about Silicon Valley’s legendary start-up geniuses, but did you know that these famous entrepreneurs all share these traits?

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Only the most dedicated of hermits don’t know this selection of tech titans and inventive influencers.

As such, these Kings of Code have changed how we use online and digital spaces.

Furthermore, they’ve disrupted whole markets through that enigmatic word that starts with the letter “I”.

That’s right. Innovation.

Keep reading to see what today’s startup leaders have in common.

Also, discover how you can break the mold.

How to join the ranks of famous entrepreneurs

Drop out of a posh school

If you’re following in the footsteps of Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, you must first be admitted into an Ivy League university. After a brief stint on campus, you must promptly drop out to follow an idea you started tinkering around with in your dorm room during your free time.

Be obsessed with tech

It’s not enough that you’ve abandoned your expensive education for an idea, regardless of how passionate you are about it. Tech must be your raison d’être. You must also obsessively circle the location of Silicon Valley on a map in a vibrant, blood red.

Work from your garage

So far you’ve broken your parents’ hearts on a hare-brained scheme, and have a vague idea of your target market. However, you also need a state of the art location from which to execute your innovative plan. Now that you’ve left university and have no real income to speak of, where can you set up your HQ? If Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are anything to go by, then your garage is perfect. Hey, it also worked for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Coding is your best friend

While you can have friends, and even set up your tech empire with one, coding should be your only constant. Furthermore, you should have already coded your first video game by now. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai programmed a game of chess when he first got into computers. Minus points for skipping this step.

Redefine, revolutionise, or disrupt a market

This point is rather straightforward. Popular tech entrepreneurs fundamentally change the way that the world communicates, and goes about its general business. Microsoft put computers in every home. Apple made us addicted to our smartphones. Facebook lets us share random information with strangers, while Instagram and YouTube let us spy on one another.

Have inspirational quotes at the ready

All of the great tech titans have insightful, soul-stirring messages to pass on to their digital devotees. Most of these inspirational quotes describe following your dreams in spite of the obstacles. Before you’re famous write down a few motivational messages that the media can hijack and turn into a listicle.

Be male

This last point is by no means a necessity. In fact, the world is primed to celebrate ambitious and great minds from many different backgrounds. While people such as Elon Musk are far more than their gender, global audiences are ready to see more diversity. Insight into social identities is growing every day, and anyone can make a career out of their genius.

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