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Resato International – Your High Pressure Expert

Resato is a Dutch provider of smart high pressure solutions with the aim to increase the productivity of its worldwide customers. It is our mission to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. With more than 25 years of experience in high pressure technology, we are equipped with the knowledge to provide reliable and safe solutions.
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Resato - About

Resato is a Dutch provider of smart high pressure solutions with the aim to increase the productivity of its worldwide customers. It is our mission to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. With more than 25 years of experience in high pressure technology, we are equipped with the knowledge to provide reliable and safe solutions.

Our product range includes high pressure technology waterjet cutting systems as well as components and systems for testing, injection, controlling that operate up to 14,000 bars. You can find Resato products in the oil & gas industry, hose industry, glass industry, mining industry, automotive industry, aerospace industry, and many more.

Oil & Gas Industry: Testing, Controlling, and Injection

The business in the oil & gas industry is our core competence. With 25 years of experience in high pressure technology, we are equipped with the knowledge to provide reliable and safe solutions for our oil & gas customers. Our expertise has allowed us to provide solutions to reputable oilfield service providers, refinery operators, and component manufacturer.

Our solutions are mainly used for the testing and controlling of upstream oil & gas tools such as Christmas trees, surface-controlled subsurface safety valves (SCSSVs), blow-out preventers (BOPs), gate valves, umbilical, wellheads, and several hoses for the application in the industry. The core application areas of our testing units are in well maintenance, well completions, well intervention, and drilling. Based on our experience in the industry, we have designed highly automated test units that provide simple certification creation and tracking of any hydrostatic and hydraulic test.


Hose Industry: Testing

Our expertise in high pressure testing within the hose industry has led to the development of various products for hydraulic and hydrostatic testing for hose manufacturers and assemblers. Our units are designed to perform leak tests, burst tests, cycle tests, as well as volumetric expansion (VE) tests, rotational tests, and more on ultra-high pressure hoses (UHP), rubber hoses, fire hoses, aerospace hoses, and more.


Automotive Industry: Testing and Manufacturing

Our applications in the automotive industry span from testing to manufacturing processes like autofrettage and hydroforming. Our testing units for hydraulic and hydrostatic testing can be greatly automated to allow series testing of critical components such as transducers, brake lines, and other. Moreover, we provide units for the use with water, oil, water glycol as well with nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, air, CO2, methane, and other. Besides the high pressure testing application, we provide solutions for autofrettage, waterjet cutting, and hydroforming applications.

Other Industries: Aerospace, Marine, Certification and Test Institutions, Chemical & Petrochemical, and more

We provide high pressure solutions to any industry required to perform hydrostatic and/or hydraulic testing. Besides testing solutions in other industries, we provide waterjet cutting solutions for the manufacturing of high quality products. With our expertise as an in-house manufacturer and the experience of our customers, our waterjet cutting machines and their components to ensure reliability, safety, easy operation, and flexibility. Our innovations for unmanned operation increase production capacities and ROI.

We Believe in the Sharing of Knowledge

We want our customers to make a solid decision when investing in high pressure technology. We use our knowledge to help them in that decision process even when that means it is better not to invest. With this attitude, we believe we can truly build long-term relationships that are beneficial for our customers and ourselves.

You can count on us to be knowledgeable and helpful in this process. Our sales people will help with analyzing the business challenge at hand and, supported by our engineers, come up with a technical solution to solve the challenge or come up with the recommendation not to invest.

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Resato International B.V.
Duitslandlaan 1
9403AZ Assen
The Netherlands
Phone: (+31) 50 501 6877
Fax: (+31) 50 501 2402

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Compact Workshop Test System, SLU

If you want to test objects quick and easy in a fixed workshop setting, the workshop test system SLU is something for you.

The test objects are rapidly filled via the large orifice tubing and by-pass check-valve through its design. By pre-setting the pressure, objects can be quickly serial tested. Not only provides the SLU test equipment that can efficiently be integrated in your operation process, it is also benefitting a save and responsible working environment for your…

Containerized Pressure Test Bay

The Resato containerized pressure test bay allows pressure testing equipment on site up to 38 ft object length, without the need of building a pressure test bay.

The dedicated designed high pressure test system allows both hydraulic function tests on tools, as hydrostatic body tests, all operated from the integrated control room. Positioning the tool in the test bay is easily performed by means of the extendable overhead crane which includes one fully electric 3 tons hoist. Spilled test fluids are captured…

Gas High Pressure Workshop Test System, HBU

Resato has developed a test system that tests objects with gas pressure instead of hydraulic pressure, the HBU. Its solid workshop design can be integrated in your production process.

For benefitting the cycle times of your operation process, the HBU is the ideal system. Alternatively to manually operating the HBU, the system can be equipped with an automatic operation system for more efficiency. Install an optional process controller with touch panel, for an automated pressure cycle performance.Through its ergonomic operating panel with panel mounted…

High Flow High Pressure Pump, BMS

Due to its wheels (or forklift pockets) the BMS can be easily moved and gives you the possibility to test adequately on different sites and locations.

To have the possibility to test adequately on different sites or different locations within your workshop, the mobile pump system BMS is the system for you. In comparison to a workshop unit, the BMS can be easily moved through its wheels (or forklift pockets). This gives you the opportunity to be flexible in the layout…

Lightweight Portable Mini Pump, MPS

The MPS mini pump is very flexible and can be easily moved by just carrying it, due to its weight of less than 17kg with a filled tank.

Because of its weight (less than 17 kg with a filled tank) and size (405x308x365mm) the handy portable air driven mini pump MPS can be easily carried. It is very suitable for the pressure testing of objects, even though it is small in size and low in weight. It is best suitable for pressure ranges…

Pallet Loading Test Cabinet, RTC 1500

Need a well-suited workshop system for testing large objects? Because of its spacious stainless steel test compartment the RTC 1500 is such a system.

The RTC 1500 is particularly designed to test these objects in an easy, quick and user-friendly way. By which the large pneumatic operated cover lid ensures easy and quick loading and unloading of the test objects.In addition, one can choose to put the RTC 1500 on a frame to increase the working height or to…

Portable High Pressure Power Pack, RPS

With the RPS and its modular design you are very flexible in your locations for testing objects. The portable test system provides pressures up to 4200 bar.

With the RPS and its modular design you are very flexible in your locations for testing objects. The portable test system provides pressures up to 4200 bar. The RPS can be easily moved and is very convenient thanks to its portable and self-contained design.To increase flexibility even more, there are two versions of the RPS.…

Resato’s Hydrogen Booster for High Pressure Systems

The hydrogen booster is Resato's most recent solution in ramping productivity for its clients. It reduces the complexity involved in hydrogen manipulation, and dramatically improves its application.

The booster combats hydrogen embrittlement, and the challenging way the tempermental gas behaves under compression. As such, the Resato hydrogen booster is equipped with a maximum pressure range that features 1,050 bar / 15,000 psi.At the heart of any high pressure system, boosters are meant to enable the effective use of hydrogen. Resato knows that…

Separated Test Control System, HPU-sep

During the process of testing objects you need maximum safety. The HPU-sep is a fully separated setup with no high pressure components outside of the test bay.

If you need maximum safety during the process of testing objects, the HPU separate (HPU-sep) can give you this. Available in different configurations, the HPU-sep is a separated workshop test control system. Therefore we are sure there is a HPU system that fits your specific test requirements.You are able to create a test bay setting…

Single Well Control System, SPP

The purpose of the SPP is to control a surface or subsurface safety valve. A key feature of the SPP is that it is equipped with an emergency shutdown.

Whenever the pilot pressure is reaching a too low level, the emergency shutdown (ESD) mode, controlled by a remote pilot valve, will be activated. It will also be activated in case of an air (gas) supply failure.Manually taking over its main features is another great advantage of the SPP, equipped with a specially designed hydraulic…

Wellhead Control System, DSTM

During continuous oil and gas production operations, wellhead control is one of the aspects that are absolutely critical. The DSTM is a robust and solid wellhead control system.

The DSTM is equipped with two tanks of 100 litres and two air drive double acting high pressure pumps, creating a robust wellhead control system for controlling components of an oil and gas well with a strong capacity. The DSTM is a system that has five hydraulic output control lines (5.000 psi) for controlling a…
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Resato and René Wit develop a High Pressure Multi-Purpose Pump Skid.

Together with oil & gas industry expert René Wit, Resato International B.V. develops a high pressure multi-purpose pump skid. The...
13th April 2017

Resato helps develop the hydrogen economy in the Netherlands

High pressure technology spans across an array of applications that use gases or fluids such as nitrogen, argon, water, and...
13th April 2017

Resato offers High Pressure Expertise at the OTC 2017

It is time for one of the biggest oil & gas events of the industry, the OTC 2017 in Houston...
13th April 2017

Resato to attend Iran Oil Show 2017 – Joining with OPET

Resato attends the Iran Oil Show 2017 together with their distributor OPET from May 6-9, 2017. The trade show in...
13th April 2017

Resato host the Economic Platform 2017

On April 13, the Economic Platform will be hosted at Resato where entrepreneurs, education institutes and the local governments of...
13th April 2017

Resato’s Dutch High Pressure Expertise and Design Comes to the United States

Resato, the high pressure expert from the Netherlands, is setting up a Sales and Service operation in Houston, TX, USA.
2nd February 2017

Resato Introduces the Hydrogen Booster

With our latest development of a hydrogen booster, we are addressing the challenges of the hydrogen application in the automotive...
2nd February 2017

Resato’s New Website Has Been launched!

As a leading manufacturer in high pressure technologies, it was important to us to make information regarding products, services and...
3rd August 2015
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