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Promat - Thermal Insulation with Blast and Fire Protection

Promat is the worldwide reference and pioneer in the field of high-temperature insulation and passive fire protection. With a strong global presence and over 50 years of experience, innovation and know-how, Promat is the first choice for customers for their thermal and fire proofing requirements.
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Promat fireproofing and fire & blast barriers for the Oil & Gas industry

Promat - About


Promat is the worldwide reference and pioneer in the field of high-temperature insulation and passive fire protection. With a strong global presence and over 50 years of experience, innovation and know-how, Promat is the first choice for customers for their thermal and fire proofing requirements.

Proven Heavy Duty Blast and Fire Protection for Hydrocarbon Fires

PromatPromat’s integrated fireproofing systems have a proven track record and offer the best protection for wide ranging applications for both onshore and offshore markets. These systems are comprehensively tested to international standards, easy to install, low maintenance and deliver life-time cost optimisation. Applications include blast and firewalls, enclosures, escape routes, concrete and steel structures, vessels, walls for ESV and pipework.

Cutting-Edge Thermal Insulation

Promat’s thermal insulation guarantees the thinnest, most lightweight solution with the lowest thermal conductivity. Promat solutions are easy to install requiring low maintenance and can withstand temperatures ranging from -45 °C up to 1200 °C, whilst delivering life expectancy up to 25 years. Promat provides tailor made engineered solutions for pipe clamps & supports, pipes & fittings, pumps & valves, sub-sea pipelines, fired heaters and Sulphur recovery.

Engineering Services

Promat engineered solutions are designed to meet the most rigorous service requirements. Our products are engineered and optimised to fit your bespoke technical and commercial needs.


Products and Technology

For more than 50 years Promat’s comprehensive product portfolio has become synonymous with quality and reliability offering a complete range of insulation and fire proofing solutions. Promat is committed to ongoing R&D ensuring we remain at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

As a technology leader Promat has six principal product groups:

  • Microporous insulation products
  • Calcium silicate products
  • Cementitious sprays
  • Intumescent products
  • Fibre matrix products (E glass, RCF, AES, Silica and Alumina)
  • Refractory products (monolithics) & lightweight insulation bricks

Promat Brands and Products

Some of our products for the Oil & Gas industry include:

Global Sales and Technical Support

Promat is present in 35 countries around the globe, has 17 factories and has 1300 dedicated employees. As part of Etex (a three billion Belgian industrial group) Promat has an extended network of 44 sales offices.

Discover more about Promat by exploring its sophisticated technologies and systems in thermal and fire protection.

Contact details
Promat International NV (Head Office)
Bormstraat 24
2830 Tisselt
T: +32 (0)15 71 81 00
F: +32 (0)15 71 81 09

MICROTHERM® Moulded Pipe Sections – High Performance Insulation Shells

MICROTHERM® Moulded Pipe Sections (MPS) are high temperature insulation shells, offering the best thermal performance for applications in space-constrained areas or when strict heat loss or surface temperature requirements are specified.

Stability & performanceMICROTHERM® Moulded Pipe Sections (MPS) are preformed non-combustible microporous insulation shells with superior thermal stability and very limited thickness. They are covered in a glass cloth outer envelope, making them clean and easy to install.Advantages/characteristicsUltra thin & lightweightExceptional thermal performanceInsulation and passive fire protectionQuick and easy to installApplications in Oil & GasMICROTHERM® MPS…

SLIMFLEX® – Ultra-Thin Flexible High Performance Insulation

SLIMFLEX® are ultra-thin and flexible high temperature insulation panels with unbeatable thermal performance, and excellent insulation and fireproofing characteristics.

Flexibility, stability & performanceSLIMFLEX® is a flexible microporous insulation blanket with a hydrophobic core treatment to repel water. It ensures a compact jacketing, cassette or box design and can be used separately in applications where contact with liquid water or condensation (dew point) is possible. They are covered in a glass cloth outer envelope, making…

MONOLUX® – The Most Effective High Performance Insulation Sections

Promat MONOLUX® is a certified high temperature insulation material, providing the most effective and stable insulation for load bearing pipe supports and clamps.

Stability & performanceMONOLUX ® is a tough, non-combustible calcium silicate board specifically formulated without asbestos and mineral fibres. Its superior mechanical strength, low thermal conductivity and excellent machinability make it a sure choice for industrial applications in demanding environments.Advantages/characteristicsExceptional thermal performanceStructural insulationNon-combustibleResistant to moisture and chemicalsApplications in Oil & GasThanks to its high mechanical strength…

DURASTEEL® – Slim, Lightweight and Flexible Fire and Blast Protection

Promat DURASTEEL® are certified protection panels that withstand high impact and blast pressures, maintain structural integrity and provide 4 hours of fire protection.

Flexibility and high durabilityDURASTEEL® is a corrosion resistant, slim and lightweight composite panel of fibre-reinforced cement with punched steel sheets mechanically bonded to both outer surfaces. It is fully demountable and has 40 years of proven service life.Advantages/characteristicsResistant to hydrocarbon fire, blast and impactWater and corrosion proofSlim & lightweightEasy to installModular and reusableMaintenance free and…

Cafco FENDOLITE® MII / PROMASPRAY® F5 – Versatile Fire Protective Spray

Cafco FENDOLITE® MII/PROMASPRAY® F5 from Promat is a certified fire protective spray that offers a monolithic coating able to withstand thermal shocks from high intensity hydrocarbon fire and jet fire.

Reduced weight & high durability Based on vermiculite and Portland cement, Cafco FENDOLITE® MII/PROMASPRAY® F5 has a low density, which significantly reduces structural weight. The spray is highly durable and will not crack or spall under mechanical impact. It has a proven track record of over 30 years under the harshest of conditions.Advantages/characteristicsResistant to hydrocarbon…
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