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  • Alphatec Engineering

    The Alphatec Group was established in 1977 and our main business has been contracting; regrouting industrial machinery for which cement-based grouts have failed, and replacing them with permanent polymer grouts, properly designed to perform as the interface between machine and foundation. We also repair machinery foundations, restoring the concrete integrity and its ability to damp out vibrations and formulate and manufacture quality polymer products for use by other professionals.

  • Resin Injections

    Newly installed equipment that has lost adhesion between its metal parts and the concrete foundation; skid-mounted machines required to be filled with mortar or concrete, creating many voids and gaps and faulty adhesion between the skid and the foundation; adjacent concrete slabs with undesired relative movement; stress related cracks, cold joints… Alphatec developed the AT300 Epoxy resins family and the injection procedure up to 350 bars, to directly address all this scenarios achieving best results, assuring steel-concrete adhesion and the monolithic behaviour for the system.

  • New Installations

    The Alphatec teams are highly specialised in installing and grout all kinds of machinery: Compressors, Hyper - compressors, Pumps, Diesel Engines, Gas Turbines, all kind of skids… providing high quality materials and the best solutions following the API RP686, ACI and GMRC norms.

  • Regrouting

    In case of existing machinery showing instability and vibration problems because of oil-degraded grout, anchor bolt failure or grout separation, the best procedure is to substitute the existing grout without removing the equipment, reducing down time and expenses. The specially designed hydraulic jack system marketed under the ALPHAPAD® trademark, enables us to work with the equipment in situ, and align it with utmost precision. The importance Of A Sound Foundation. AT800 is the best non-shrinking, thermal and shock resistant grout material to transfer all vibrations generated within the machine to the foundation where it will be properly damped