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SNIFFIT for Methane and Hydrocarbon Detection

Neptune Oceanographics Ltd

Neptune Oceanographics' unique SNIFFIT system for the detection of subsea leaks of hydrocarbons is a proven, real time, in situ method that has been used world-wide and has many applications in diverse underwater markets.

The small, lightweight detector combines its control unit with Windows-based software to warn the user of the presence of hydrocarbons (as oil including crude), and Methane ahead of the more obvious physical clues such as the presence of bubbles.

SNIFFIT significantly simplifies current leak detection techniques in that it eliminates the use of dyes and fluorescence detectors, and therefore is environmentally and financially superior. SNIFFIT was developed specifically to allow fast, real time in situ detection of dissolved and gaseous methane in water, whatever the source, and has been successful in hydrocarbon surveys to depths of over 3,000m world-wide. Although it is essentially a methane detector it is equally a hydrocarbon detector, and will respond well to all hydrocarbons including oil.

SNIFFIT for Methane and Hydrocarbon Detection

The SNIFFIT sensor

SNIFFIT for Methane and Hydrocarbon Detection

Screen shot of response to hydrocarbon leak detection

A new version of the Hydrocarbon Detector has recently been developed that will also detect mono ethylene glycol (MEG).
The very high sensitivity of SNIFFIT makes it ideal for the detection of hydrocarbons leaking from the seabed or pipeline installations. The sensor can be used as a quick pass for general "look and see" surveys or used in detail mode to detect the exact location of a subsea leak.

SNIFFIT for Methane and Hydrocarbon Detection

SNIFFIT is easily mounted on a ROV, AUV, towed vehicle, cable profiler or can be diver held.

Operational ranges:

  • Depth: 0m – 2,000m
  • Temperature: 2°C – 20°C nominal
  • Methane: 50nmol/l – 10Amol/l
  • Power: 24VDC -36VDC – current upon switch-on (at 24V) – 400mA normal current consumption (at 24V) – 100mA
  • Weight in air approx.: 1.5kg

Discover more information on Neptune’s SNIFFIT applications for methane and hydrocarbon detection.



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