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Peristaltic Industrial OEM Pumps with Verderflex®


Verderflex’s range of OEM peristaltic pump assemblies offer both design engineers and their production teams cost effective performance and reliability matched to their specific requirements. Our program offers a selection of custom pump designs, motor options and tubing. The Verderflex OEM range can be configured into an optimal solution for any OEM pump requirement.


  • Air conditioning
  • Cleaning
  • Chemical dosing
  • Condensate removal
  • Sampling systems
  • Industrial lapping
  • Laboratories and analysis
  • Laundries
  • Medical equipment
  • Pools
  • Refrigeration

verderflex oem family

Verderflex® M045
The Verderflex® M045 is a proven 2 roller, low flow rate OEM pump with a range of AC or DC motor power and speed options. It is ideal for applications with options for speed and flow rate variations.

Verderflex® M025
The Verderflex® M025 pump head has a flip top front cover for ease of tube loading and is supplied with DC motors for application requiring a higher flow rate than the M045.

Verderflex® VP2-B and VP2-R
The Verderflex® VP2-B is an entry level fixed flow tube pump with Santoprene or Silicon tube options. The Verderflex VP-2R has manual flow rate regulation via an adjustable trimmer.

Verderflex® Mini Load
The "Flip Top" Verderflex® Mini-Load pump head uses a patented ‘snap-in’ tube clamp technology to match OEM assembly requirements and eliminate user confusion. Available in standard and double head options.

Verderflex® M500
The Verderflex® M500 is a widely used classic OEM pump module with DC or AC motor options that provides speed and flow rate variations.

Verderflex® M60
The Verderflex® M60 is an OEM pump module with a snap on tube cartridge with DC or AC motor options designed for high volume OEM requirements

Verderflex® EZ
The Verderflex® EZ head is a higher flow "flip top" pump head with an easy tube change system and can be stackable for multi head options. Available in permanent and brushless D.C. motor options or the Steptronic precision drive for speed/flow rate variations.

Verderflex® M2000
Higher flow rate version of the original patented M1000 cartridge pump for easy tube changeover using auto-clavable cartridges.

Verderflex® M1500
The Verderflex® M1500 is a high flow OEM pump with a robust polycarbonate ABS blend casing and normally uses a DC motor option for speed and flow rate variations.

Verderflex® R3DC
The Verderflex® R3DC peristaltic pump head combines high flow with heavy duty performance requiring reliability, accuracy and high suction lift capacity.

Verderflex® S Series
The Verderflex® S series provides the unique, latching ski boot style tube pump head in a pump head format for OEM customers. There are 4 models, the S10, S20, S30 & S40, for a wide range of flow rates. Special lower pulsation versions are availble for the larger head sizes.

Verderflex® Steptronic Drive
The Verderflex® Steptronic is a precision stepper motor drive that provides a cost effective configurable OEM pump development platform for engineers. It gives design flexibility specifications to eliminate early stage project uncertainties due to pumps, drives and control systems specification risks. Speed control can be provided using either a 4-20mA or 0-10V input. Head options include the new VF "Mini-Load", the higher flow rate Verderflex "EZ" pump heads or the snap on cartridge M60 pump. Options include dual stackable pump heads, IP66 rated special cases and configurable speed range. For higher volume large OEM manufacturing it provides a precision high resolution drive.

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