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Neptune Oceanographics’ Subsea Inspection Techniques

Neptune Oceanographics Ltd

Neptune Oceanographics provides leak detection systems to work with a variety of subsea inspection techniques. These include systems for ROV, AUV, PIG as well as diver-held solutions for shallow waters.

Subsea ROV Inspections

The majority of subsea leak detection surveys are conducted using remotely operated vehicles. The leak detection system is powered from the ROV and data is transmitted to the survey vessel via the ROV umbilical. Data are displayed and recorded in real-time on an on-board PC.

The sensor, whether using long range fluorescence, acoustics or differential temperature, is mounted at the front of the ROV facing forwards. If the ROV has a manip then it is preferable to mount the sensor on the arm to allow for easier scanning around seals, flanges, manifolds etc.

Neptune Oceanographics’ Subsea Inspection Techniques

AUV and PIG Inspections

AUV Inspection

The technique is similar to the ROV except that the system is mounted in a fixed position at the front of the AUV and the data are recorded for later playback.

PIG Inspection

For situations where the pipeline is deeply buried in seabed sediments or for pipe-in-pipe, leak detection can be conducted by mounting a recording acoustic leak detection system on a pipeline PIG.

As the PIG passes through the pipeline it will detect a leak due to the ultra-sound generated by the leak and by noting the point of largest signal the location of the leak is determined.

Neptune Oceanographics’ Subsea Inspection Techniques

Diving Inspection

In shallow water situations a diver is used instead of an ROV. This is normally only done when looking for subsea leaks around manifolds, templates, flanges, etc. as diver inspection along a pipeline may not be very efficient.

Neptune Oceanographics’ Subsea Inspection Techniques

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