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BARTEC BENKE - Leading Analyzer and Measurement Technology for the Oil and Gas Industry

BARTEC BENKE proves over 50 years of experience and specialist...

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Modular Gas Analyzer MGAnano-4


The BARTEC BENKE Modular Gas Analyzer MGAnano-4 can be equipped with multiple analyzing modules which allow for utmost and unique flexibility. Complete packages are used for process control, optimization and quality control purposes in natural and process gas segment markets.

For example, gas turbines using process or natural gas as source, in power plants, can be controlled and protected by using a complete MGAnano-4 package. The analyzer can determine the minimum required (Higher Heating Value) HHV of the gas resource and detect trace amount of moisture and/or hydrogen sulphide to avoid cavitation and other unwanted side effects which might occur.

The BARTEC BENKE Modular Gas Analyzer MGAnano-4 is based on micro-GC technology and offers potential customers the upmost flexible solution for their process analyzing tasks.

The MGAnano-4 measures the concentrations of different hydrocarbon components, moisture content (H2O), hydrocarbon dew point temperature (HCDT) and hydrogen sulphide content (H2S) of process gases, natural gas and biogas. BARTEC BENKE offers the complete scope of supply which ranges from customized sample conditioning systems to complete gas supply shelters.

bartecThe Higher Heating Value (HHV), Lower Heating Value (LHV), density and other gas properties can be calculated according to either the ISO 6976 or ASTM D3588.

Calibration of the analyzer can be done automatically (programmed periodically) or manually and is always part of the complete scope of supply. The software has been developed specifically for this analyzer and allows for a familiar BARTEC BENKE interface.

The integrated micro-GC modules incorporate a micro injector, micro columns (directly heated – no oven required!) and micro-thermal conductivity detector. This setup allows for the detection of hydrocarbons from Methane to Nonane and includes aromatic, saturated and unsaturated components.

The additional modules to choose from are based upon the fibre optic method (moisture), chilled mirror method (HCDT), electrochemically (O2 & H2S), paramagnetic (O2) and UV-Resonance Absorption Spectroscopy (H2S).

A specific analyzer package will always be tailored according to application requirements.

Special Features

  • Compact modular design and a small footprint allow quick installation close to process
  • The use of micro system technology leads to low cost of ownership as well as to short cycle time
  • Significantly lower consumption of sample and utilities in comparison to classical technologies
  • Turnkey analyzer system replaces multiple service and maintenance support management
  • Calorific Values calculated according to ISO 6976 or ASTM D3588
  • Easy to use via Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Automatic and manual calibration possible
  • It is not necessary to have highly specialized GC maintenance personal
  • Standalone package enables cost effective solution

Options available

  • System integration in weather proofed and air-conditioned shelters
  • Temperature-controlled gas bottle cabinet
  • Sample Conditioning System for special applications

Available communication interfaces:

  • Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP
  • Remote access via modem, ISDN, LAN, VPN


Borsigstrasse 10
21465 Reinbek
Tel: +49 40 727 030
Fax: +49 40 72703 363

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