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High Sulphur Recovery at Low Cost with SmartSulf™


Process Scheme.


SmartSulf™ Process Scheme


80 TPD SmartSulf™ unit at RIAMA Refinery, Salamanca – Mexico

Process Principle
Thermal stage: acid gases are burnt with air to produce sulphur at high temperature thanks to Claus reaction.
COS and CS2 hydrolysis: COS and CS2 from the process gases are hydrolyzed at high temperature in the first zone of the SmartSulf™ reactor operating in hot mode.
Claus Reaction: Claus reaction occurs in the second zone of the hot mode SmartSulf™ reactor, where heat of reaction is continuously removed by thermoplates internals, thus increasing sulphur conversion.
Subdewpoint Claus reaction: Claus reaction plus further COS conversion is performed in the cold mode SmartSulf™ reactor operating below sulphur dewpoint producing liquid sulphur which is trapped on catalyst.
Cycle switch: when cold mode SmartSulf™ reactor is saturated with liquid sulphur, a switch between hot and cold mode is performed automatically by rotating the two coupled 4 way valves, enabling the beginning of a new cycle.


Construction of SmartSulf™ thermoplates internals

SmartSulf™ Benefits

  • Performance above 99.5% sulphur recovery
  • Complete COS and CS2 destruction at hightemperature
  • Proven technology, successfully operating in commercial plants since 1995
  • Very low capital cost
  • Low operation cost: process is fully automatic and needs nearly no follow-up
  • Use of conventional open market Claus catalysts
  • Easy retrofit to upgrade existing Claus units into SmartSulf™
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