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BARTEC BENKE - Leading Analyzer and Measurement Technology for the Oil and Gas Industry

BARTEC BENKE proves over 50 years of experience and specialist...

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Distillation Process Analyzer DPA-4


The BARTEC BENKE Distillation Process Analyzer (DPA-4) is used for process control and control of blend composition such as all types of gasoline, feedstock for petrochemical processes (naptha), jet fuels, fuel oils, diesel fuels, similar petroleum products and liquid hydrocarbons with a maximum final boiling point below its thermal decomposition.

The DPA-4 is the only ASTM D86 compliant analyzer available. It is the most widespread distillation process analyzer on the market.
Refinery operator’s requirements have had a significant influence on the redesign process of the new DPA-4 model with the result of the faster Rapid Analysis Method (RAM) beside the Standard Analysis Method (SAM) which is still compliant to the ASTM D86 laboratory method.

bSwitching between the methods after any desired measurement cycle is programmable or manually user selectable which allows flexibility at any time (e.g.: x RAM-cycles and occasional SAM-cycles for validation). Avoiding correlative methods for the SAM was the highest priority.

The faster RAM also uses the measurement setup required by the ASTM D86 method for a complete analysis including a flask, condenser and receiver. However, due to the unique design, measurement cycles of approx. 20 minutes are possible (sample

A special de-coking program prevents the coking of the measurement setup. Thus also allows the use of samples which tend to coke and therefore minimizes the maintenance requirements significantly.

Special Features

  • The complete boiling curve is measured every cycle (SAM)
  • Measuring points of interest freely definable by software
  • Cycle time reduction is possible: faster determination of distillation points (RAM)
  • Enhances automatic control of blending processes
  • De-coking


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Tel: +49 40 72703 0
Fax: +49 40 72703 363

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