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Table 2: Significant earthquakes of M>6.0 in Andaman & Nicobar islands

Date Magnitude Location Remark
31.12.1881 Mw 7.9 Between 8.5N to 10.5N off Car Nicobar Island Based on a recent study by Ortiz and Bilham (2002)
16 .11 1914 Ms 7.2 12.00 N 94.00 E SW of Barren Island
28.6.1925 10.20N 92.80E SE of Little Andaman Island
19.5.1928 Ms 6.2 13.00N 93.00E
0.8.1929 Ms 6.5 12.00N 95.50E Andaman Sea, ESE of Barren Island
9.12.1929 Ms 6.7 04.50N 94.50E SSE of Great Nicobar Islands
19.3.1936 Ms 6.5 10.50N 92.50E Little Andaman Island
14.9.1939 Ms 6.0 11.50N 95.00E SE of Barren Island
26.6.1941 Mw7.7 12.50N 92.50E W of Middle Andaman Island
14.7.1941 Ms 6.0 12.40N 92.50E
9.8.1941 Ms 6.0 12.40N 92.50E
8.8.1945 Ms 6.7 11.00N 92.50E N of Little Andaman Island
23.1.1949 Ms 7.2 09.50N 94.50E E of Car Nicobar Island
17.5.1955 Ms 7.2 07.00N 94.00E Off E coast of Great Nicobar Island
18.6.1957 Ms 6.5 14.00N 96.00E ENE of Narcondam Island
16.11.1962 Ms 6.1 13.50N 93.20E
14.2.1967 Ms 6.8 13.70N 96.50E Andaman Sea, W of Mergui Archipelago
20.1.1982 Mw 6.2 06.95N 94.00E Great Nicobar Island, E of Bananga
Mw 6.1 07.12N 93.90 E Great Nicobar Island, SE of Laful
24.1.1983 Mw 6.1 12.91N 93.59E