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Table 1: Major Chinese hydro projects in construction/planning at 1 May 2004

* Outside western region
Source: US Department of Energy (DoE), Chiang Mai University (CMU), project announcements

Project River Province Size (GW) Status
Three Gorges* Yangtze Hubei 18.5 commissioning
Xiluodu Jinsha Yunnan 12.6 construction
Beihetan Jinsha Yunnan 12.5 site preparation
Wudongde Jinsha Yunnan 7.4 site preparation
Xiangjiaba Jinsha Yunnan 6.0 construction
Nuozhadu Lancang Yunnan 5.5 designed
Longtan Hongshui Guangxi 4.9 construction
Xiaowan Lancang Yunnan 4.2 construction
Liangjiaren Jinsha Yunnan 4 designed
Laxiwa Yellow Qinghai 3.7 designed
Jinping Yalong Sichuan 3.6 site preparation
Pubugou Daduhe Sichuan 3.3 designed
Dagangshan* Min Jiangxi 3 designed
Goupitan Wu Guizhou 3 construction
Guanyingyan Jinsha Yunnan 3 designed
Hutiaoxia Jinsha Yunnan 2.8 designed
Jinanqiao Jinsha Yunnan 2.5 site preparation
Liyuan Jinsha Yunnan 2.3 designed
Ahai Jinsha Yunnan 2.1 designed
Ludila Jinsha Yunnan 2.1 designed
Suzhi Yellow Qinghai 1.9 designed
Longkaiku Jinsha Yunnan 1.8 designed
Heishanxia Yellow Gansu 1.6 designed
Shuibaya* Qing Hubei 1.6 construction
Gongboxia Yellow Qinghai 1.5 construction
Jinghong Lancang Yunnan 1.5 construction
Pengshui Wu Sichuan 1.1 designed
Jishixia Yellow Qinghai 1 designed
Sanbanxi Yuanshi Guizhou 1 designed
11 pumped storage projects* 11.8 designed/construction
36 other projects larger than 100MW each 11.6 designed/construction
Total 143.4