Using robotics to get the inside information

Figure 7a. Buckling shroud band

  • FOSM_Figure_13
  • Figure 1. Typical  flexible videoscope
  • Figure 2. Family of steam turbine inspection  tooling
  • Figure 3. Bi-directionally articulated tooling navigating blade rows (mock up)
  • Figure 4. Cross section of the LP-1 turbine, showing the relative reaches of conventional and iproved tooling
  • Figure 6. Shroud band break
  • Figure 5a. A blade section with shroud band intact...
  • Figure. 5b ... compared with the missing shroud band
  • Figure 12. Eroded inlet guide vanes seen after casing removal
  • Figure 11b. Typical views of eroded inlet guide vanes
  • Figure 10. Frst stage blades (buckets) on the Worthington turbine
  • Figure 9. Worthington steam turbine cross section showing inspection paths and points
  • Frgure 11a. Typical view of eroded inlet guide vane
  • Figure 8 Minor forign object damage, possibly due to missing shroud band
  • Figure 7b. Buckling shroud band
  • Figure 7a. Buckling shroud band