Three casings good, two casings better

Evolution of 600 MW steam design

  • Steam_Turbine_15
  • The Hirono 5 two-casing USC steam turbine
  • Evolution of 600 MW steam design
  • Key features of the 600 MW two casing USC turbine, as employed at Hirono 5
  • The two-casing design is some 7.5m shorted than the conventional three-casing configuration
  • Advantages of ISB (integral shroud blade)
  • Application range of LP last blade
  • Evolution of high termperature turbines
  • Possible future applications of the 48in ISB technology include this 1000 MW tandem–compound turbine with two LP casings, each of which is identical to the LP turbine of Hirono 5
  • Another potential future application of the 48in ISB: single cylinder reheat turbine for combined cycle use