Raising steam on a uprecedented scale

EPR cutaway

  • WITT_fig3
  • 3D view of the turboset
  • Visualisation of Olkuluoto 3 PWR, with units 1 & 2 (BWRs) in the background
  • EPR cutaway
  • Longitudinal section of LP turbine
  • Saturated steam high pressure turbine
  • Shrunk-on-disk LP turbine rotor
  • Final stage blade, LP turbine with exhaust area of 30m<sup>2</sup>
  • 3D flow field analysis
  • 3DV-optimised-blade profile
  • Finite element stress analysis of first disk
  • Non-linear fracture mechanics analysis for hypothetical worst-case scenarios
  • Residual compressive stress area after water spraying of disks
  • Shot peening of disk web area
  • Rolling of LP blade root radii