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Case Study: Bogue Power; Montego Bay Jamaica


In the power generation industry, neglecting to effectively clean machinery has negative and costly consequences. A build up of debris and dirt deposits can decrease plant output due to high and unnecessary energy consumption, leading to a sacrifice of overall performance. Through its patented Deep Cleaning™ tools and processes, Precision IceBlast reveals how its services stimulated increased efficiency for Bogue Power.

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Plant Info

  • Located in Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Commissioned in 2003
  • Configuration: 2 X 1
  • Two GE 6001 B Gas Turbines
  • Fuel: Fuel Oil Number Two


  • 120 megawatts total generation
  • 80 megawatts combined from gas turbines
  • 40 megawatts from steam turbine


  • Two ATS Express HRSG’s
  • Double wide (55′ x 24′)
  • Base load
  • Horizontal Gas Flow

Situation: problems caused from debris fouling

  • Lower steam turbine output
  • Higher fuel consumption at a lower overall plant output
  • High back pressure on gas turbines
  • Flue Gas Bypass

Increase efficiency by cleaning the Heat Recover Steam Generators. Specifically, clean the finned tube bundles in two horizontal ATS Express Heat Recovery Steam Generators. Remove dirt, iron oxides, and mineral deposits from the outer surface of four spiral finned heat transfer modules in each unit. Each module consists of an upstream and downstream face. A total of eight faces to be cleaned in each unit.

Precision Iceblast Corporation used the patented Deep Cleaning™ tools and processes to penetrate 100% of the bundles which provided the most optimal results. Dry-iceblasting utilized two high-pressure blasting guns powered by Precision Iceblast Corporation’s high pressure PIC56XD dry-iceblasting machines.


  • Five crew members including one project manager.


  • Access to the modules was via tube and clamp scaffolding
  • Scaffold supplied and erected by Precision Iceblast Corporation


  • Upon completion of work, debris from each HRSG was removed by Precision Iceblast Corporation via barrel vacuums
  • Debris placed in drums
  • Debris disposed of by Bogue Power

Crew members trained in:

  • Certified in confined space
  • Certified in scaffold erection
  • OSHA 10-Hour certified
  • Hazwoper certified
  • C7 blasting certified
  • CPR certified
  • First Aid certified
  • Fork Lift certified
  • Aerial Lift certified
  • Experts in working at elevations
  • Experts creating containment

For this project crew members:

  • Secured with safety harnesses and lanyards
  • Equipped with supplied air breathing apparatuses
  • Communication through voice activated communicators

precision iceblast corporationprecision iceblast corporation

GT Unit #12 Output

  • Before Cleaning – 33.8 megawatts output
  • After Cleaning – 35.6 megawatts output
  • HRSG effectiveness 78.2% (Based on 78% design effectiveness)

GT Unit #13 Output

  • Before Cleaning – 31.6 megawatts output; HRSG effectiveness 76.32% (Based on 78% design effectiveness)
  • After Cleaning – 34.5 megawatts output; HRSG effectiveness 76.95% (Based on 78% design effectiveness)

Steam Turbine Output

  • Steam Turbine Before Cleaning – 34.18 megawatts output
  • After Cleaning – 36.5 megawatts output

GT 12 Heat Transfer

  • Stack Temperature Before Cleaning – 297 degrees Fahrenheit / 147 degrees celcius
  • Stack Temperature After Cleaning – 275 degrees Fahrenheit / 135 degrees celcius

GT 13 Heat Transfer

  • Stack Temperature Before Cleaning – 301 degrees Fahrenheit / 149 degrees celcius
  • Stack Temperature After Cleaning – 289 degrees Fahrenheit / 143 degrees celcius

Heat Rate

  • Heat Rate before Overhaul & HRSG cleaning – 8887 btu/kwh (January to May pre cleaning 2013)
  • Heat Rate after Overhaul & HRSG cleaning – 8600 btu/kwh (December post cleaning 2013)

Dollar & Cents

  • Estimated Impact Fuel Savings of HRSG – Cleaning: 48.3 Btu/kwh
  • System Fuel Savings Value of Cleaning of HRSG $270,730.00 USD (December 2013)

precision iceblast corporation $3,248,760 USD Annual projected savings


Cost & Payback

  • Return on Investment was less than two months



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