A new study has revealed that over two thirds of employers check a job seeker’s social profiles when they receive a CV. However only 20% of candidates believe that their social media is looked at.

A few years ago, advice was to always lock social media profiles down. No employer needs to see drunken Instagram pictures of you at that eventful wedding, right? I once even heard a story of an employer searching for a candidate on Facebook to see an ‘artful nude’ of herself as her cover photo. Ok, that is probably an extreme example, but it happens.

However from an employer’s point of view, social media can be a good way to assess candidates. In the age of ‘digital stalking’ this is what us employers need to know.

We asked experts what they think…

We asked Jobsite, a job board which serves of 12,000 jobs to over 7 million candidates every month. What do they think about social media and recruitment? Jobsite HR Director, David Clift told Compelo: “Keep your social media positive and balanced. Do so even when discussing a problem, and it will show you’re pragmatic and can keep a cool head under pressure. Or if you still want to use your social profiles as an outlet, ensure you’ve tightened your privacy settings to keep it just to your chosen network.”

Jobsite’s Marketing Director, Fiona Rigby, told us: “If candidates are following influencers from their chosen career path, this can be show employers a lot.” This is definitely something worth checking when hiring.

Should employers use social profiles to save money when hiring?

Culture is ever more important in the hiring process. Social media is therefore a vital tools for employers to see candidates’ personalities. 

The CEO of profiling app Good&Co, Samar Birwadker told Compelo: “High turnover due to a poor culture fit can cost an organisation between 50-60% of the person’s annual salary. This is a cost that businesses need to eliminate. In order to do this, they are increasingly emphasising personality in the interview process.”

There is something else about social media that all business professionals need to know about. Click here to find out what it is…

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