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The staggering figure of the Disney Net Worth

The Disney net worth will surprise you more than the ending of Beauty and The Beast.

The humble film studio founded in 1923 by young animator and artist, Walt Disney and has since grown into one of the world’s biggest conglomerates.

Disney is an immediately recognisable brand. Every home has at least one Disney DVD on their shelves, or at the very least a dusty copy of The Jungle Book video hidden in the attic somewhere. Only the heartless didn’t sob uncontrollably when Bambi’s mother died – or at the stampede scene in The Lion King – you know the bit I mean. Disney films have simultaneously traumatised and enthralled the masses for generations. Every child (and therefore, parent of a child) under 10 will undoubtedly know every lyric to “Let It Go” from the 2013 smash hit film Frozen. You just can’t escape it! So, it is unsurprising that the company is worth so much.

Disney is the biggest film studio in the world. With a whopping 26.06% of the total market share it dwarfs all of its competitors. That figure is for the Disney Studios, not to mention the extensive other ventures that bear the Disney logo.

Disney World, the ultimate family vacation destination in California, was the first of the company’s 6 resorts. This was closely followed by other parks in Florida, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and the recently opened resort in Shanghai. However, if you don’t want to get your Disney fix in one place, why not take one of the Disney cruises on their specially designed fleet of family cruise liners?

With an unfathomable number of divisions, companies and subsidiaries, it seems as if they can stick the Disney logo on something, they will and it will become an instant success and make an absolute ton of money. This is why their Market Cap and net worth is of such gargantuan proportions.

Disney has a staggering Market Cap of $169.3 Billion.

The Walt Disney Company consists of (in the most part):

Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Pictures



Lucasfilm Animation

Marvel Studios

Marvel Animation


Disney Music Group

Disney Animation

DisneyToon Studios

Touchstone Pictures

Miravista Films

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Disney Theatrical Group

Disney On Ice

The Disney Store

Disney Channel

Disneyland Resorts

Disney Cruise Line

Not bad for a little mouse.

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