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Brand Info

  • Founded in 12/31/2008
  • Located at 31416 Agoura RD Suite 118, Westlake Village, CA 91361
  • Notable figures: Ms. Nellie Akalp, CEO, Ms. Amanda Beren, Office Manager


  • CorpNet offers free Registered Agent Service.
  • CorpNet excels is in speed.
  • Long working experience
  • CorpNet offers a 100% package guarantee to customers..

About the Brand

CorpNet is a relatively old business founded in 2008. The company is known as a reliable business formation service and it has garnered a lot of positive customer reviews. But is it really true? Well, check out our CorpNet reviews as we explore the various pros and cons of the company and figure out ourselves whether or not they’re worth investing in. 

CorpNet’s Advantages

One of the biggest advantages the brand has to offer is its customer support and the value of their packages. For a small amount of money, CorpNet offers various services allowing you to create a high-value LLC business without having to put in a lot of DIY work yourself.

CorpNet LLC Formation Packages

Corpnet is one of the few LLC formation services with minimal customer complaints. One of the major reasons for this is their amazing LLC formation packages that bring a lot of value to your business at affordable rates.

Basic Package

$79 is a reasonable price for a starter package. And although it’s a lot more costly compared to its competitors, it’s a reasonable deal. For just $79 including state filing fees, you’ll be able to get an official article of organization which is usually found on more expensive packages on other LLC formation businesses.

Asides from this, starting a business will be easier since they’ll have your back in helping you find a proper name since they can quickly cross reference possible names in the state registration database.

And speaking of databases, CorpNet also offers you their very own Corporate Compliance Tool named B I Z (Business Information Zone). This tool makes it easier to handle your paperwork and running a business and it helps remind you of your tax deadlines as well as serves as a handy tool to store all of your important documents.

But perhaps the biggest advantage that this package offers compared to its competitors like Swyft Filings and LegalZoom is that it provides you with a free registered agent. Although it’s just for 60 days, it’s still a better option than paying for a registered agent yourself, so keep this in mind when deciding to avail of CorpNet’s business formation services and registered agent service.

Overall, the basic package is a dealmaker, and a lot of business owners who want to form an LLC are amazed at how much value a basic package of $79 has to offer.

Deluxe Package

By bumping up the price to $199 you get more out of the deal and a better chance of starting a business that will grow big. The Deluxe package costs $199 including state filing fees and it offers the same benefits as the basic package but with more benefits.

One of the most notable benefits you get is their 24-hour document preparation service. As the name implies, the company will process and submit all your necessary documents within 24 hours. No more waiting lists for you and you’ll have more time working on your business entity.

Asides from this, you also get benefits from the company like getting a Federal Tax ID number or EIN (Employer Identification Number) which is essential if you’re looking to start a business as it helps you create a business bank account as well as hire employees. 

Last but not the least, you receive a major upgrade on your registered agent service. The basic package only offers  60 days for your registered agent but the deluxe package bumps it up to a full year which explains why a lot of customers consider Corpnet as one of the best business formation services and document filing services out there. 

These 3 upgrades alone are enough to make a difference and we highly recommend that you avail of their deluxe and complete package. Heads up, the complete package is the best formation package that they offer.

Complete Package

Last but not least we have the complete package. If you’re looking to get started in creating your business entity and don’t want to go the DIY route. Then you might want to get help every step of the way from finding a business name to creating an LLC operating agreement.

Being the most valuable package that CorpNet has to offer, it has all of the services of both the basic package and the Deluxe package.

One thing that you get that the previous two don’t have is an operating agreement which is a very important thing to have on any LLC business. An operating agreement helps determine the rules, regulations, and protocol of your company, and doing things yourself might not be a good idea on this one. 

Asides from the package include a customized LLC seal and kit that helps add a bit of personal touch to your business. Sadly, Corpnet offers the same full-year registered agent service which is still pretty good on their own but we wish that they upgraded it a little bit since you are spending an additional $50 on this one.

CorpNet LLC Service Brand Review

We like that CorpNet can provide a lot of value and support to their customers. We also love that their customer support team works hard to answer all the questions asked by their customers.

Is This Brand Right For You?

If you would like to know if this brand is for you, then you simply need to ask yourself this question,” Do I want an LLC creation business to make things easy for me? Do I want everything I needed to present to be on a silver platter?”

It might seem ridiculous but that’s how a lot of customers feel about CorpNet as a business.


Overall with amazing cost value, positive customer reviews, as well as a good business model, Corpnet deserves a pretty high score. We give them an overall rating of 3.5/5  which definitely shows how reliable of a business CorpNet is when it comes to LLC formation service.  

Cost value

In terms of cost value, CorpNet is one of the top LLC formation services in the market.  Despite its basic package costing around $79, the company offers everything you’ll ever need to form your business. This also includes a free registered agent service as well up to 60 days so you really do get a lot of value from just $79 of service fees.  

Additionally, it also gives you access to their CorpNet Corporate Compliance Tool  B I Z.Using CorpNet B I Z allows you to better meet your deadlines on time as well ensuring that you don’t do the entire process of filing your documents all over again. 

The basic package has a lot to offer including document filing service and incorporation services but we do highly recommend getting the deluxe and complete packages. 

The deluxe package will ensure that you get your federal tax ID number which you will be needing to hire employees as well as being one of the requirements needed to start a business bank account. It also bumps up the 60-day registered agent services to a full year making it a very enticing offer. 

The complete package includes the creation of an operating agreement which is essential if you’re looking to form an LLC with CorpNet or any other company.  This document can take you to places and what better way than to entrust that task to one of the best LLC formation services on the market. 

Last but not the least, CorpNet features a 100% satisfaction guarantee on its services which not only adds value to the company but also shows how confident they are of their service. We give CorpNet a cost value rating of 4/5 stars.

Customer service

There’s a reason why CorpNet is so confident of their product that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. One of the important factors that ensure that CorpNet has satisfied customers in their customer support.

CorpNet is one of the few LLC incorporation services out there that feature high customer reviews. The business trains their customer support staff well since we found them to be very responsive and knowledgeable about the company.

You can ask them almost any question from service fees to what Corpnet offers and they’ll be able to deliver with flying colors. We give the customer support team of Corpnet a score of 4/5 stars for their dedication to upholding the image of the company as an LLC formation service.

Ease of use

Despite the amazing customer reviews and free registered agent service, there is one category that CorpNet has to work on, and that’s CorpNet com. Reviews say that the site itself is functional and they’ve sure that the layout is easy on the eyes.

However, they could have organized the site better since it’s hard to find what you need. Hovering over their service you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by a lot of things like their commission, the service they offer, and even price points. 

If they could organize the site more properly we would give a better review of their ease of use. So with this, we give the ease of use of Corpnet a 3/5 star rating.

Included features

CorpNet has a lot to offer with their packages which gives them a fairly decent score. However, for people who use CorpNet, they do find that they lack some individual orders on some of their formation service deals which can be underwhelming.

CorpNet gets a 3/5 star rating from us on their included features which is a passable score.

2 Top CorpNet LLC Alternatives


Swyft Filings is one of the few companies that offer amazing cost value on their packages like CorpNet. Founded in 2012, the company has helped create tons of businesses and it generally gets a good review for its services.


Zenbusiness is also a good competitor to CorpNet since it’s considered one of the best LLC formation services as well. Founded in 2015, it’s fairly new but it’s able to climb its way to the top of the ranking thanks to the amount of work they put into its services. 

CorpNet’s Disadvantages

For us, the biggest disadvantage of CorpNet is their website. Although it is functional and easy to use, it’s hard to find specific things that you want out of it. If they could find a way to reorganize the way they present things, then the business will truly outshine its competitors.


A lot of CorpNet reviews praise the business as a top tier LLC creator with its hardworking employees and high-value packages.  Hopefully, after reading this CorpNet LLC Review, you have a better understanding of CorpNet and the various services that it has to offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust CorpNet and their services?

Yes you can. CorpNet has helped form multiple businesses since it was founded.

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