Is your job stagnant? Do you live for the weekend? Are you constantly wishing you were your own boss? You need these imaginative business ideas in your life.

It is time to stop singing along with Bob Geldof and start to actually like Mondays.

Start your own business.

Perhaps you have already thought about this, but get stumped when it comes to deciding what business to actually create. Yes, we’ve all seen the contestants floundering around on the final episodes of The Apprentice as their poorly-thought-out business ideas are ripped to shreds. Don’t let that be you, take some hints from some of these interesting business ideas and go wild!

Open an eco-store

Recently, a new style of grocery store opened in Malmö, Sweden. Gram, a packaging free supermarket, opened in the city. The cost effective and eco-friendly store waved goodbye to conventional product packaging in favour of all loose produce. Grab a jar, box, bag or even your shoe and fill it right up!

Perhaps your area could do with a similar style store?

‘Morning after the Night Before’ cleaning services

This idea can be pretty flexible; it can target university students having a rave, to Giles 50th birthday party.

Basically, they party. You clean up.

You arrive early the morning after the event in question, and as a result, have the place spick and span before the hosts even roll out of bed to reach for the aspirin.

How about throwing in a bacon butty and that’s an USP right there?

A mystery prize store

Buying gifts for friends or loved ones is almost always a hassle. Why not help take the stress out of somebody else’s life by providing them with a mystery gift service?

Let people, whether lazy, uninspired or just generally curious, come to you for their gifts. All you need is a standard fee and a lot of downright awe-inspiring gifts – no tat!

Professional cuddle services

If it’s time that you have to spare, how about selling your body?

Across the globe “Cuddle cafés” and adult cuddling services are becoming more popular.

The growing trend has been praised around the world - so it really isn’t something to be sniggered at. Professional cuddle services allow adults to get some much needed physical contact with another person. These cuddle sessions are 100% non-sexual and have been proven to boost self-esteem and reduce depression.

Perfect for busy business people or people with very little free time to relax with other people.

House Staging Services

If interior design is your bag, then why not try your hand at a house staging? House staging involves offering your services to clients who are trying to sell their homes. If for whatever reason, a customer’s house is not selling - this is where you come in. Fresh eyes and fresh ideas – make this house somebody’s home and allow potential buyers to see what the house has to offer.

Is it a best case or worst case scenario if the owner likes what you do so much they decide to stay? Either way, it’s one happy customer!

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