We know that we have to eat a well-balanced, nutritional diet, but the influential Burger King net worth reminds us that a bit of junk food is okay now and then.

Now more than ever people worldwide are learning the importance of a healthy, balanced diet.

With the growth of social media, apps, and digital resources, we can find information for practically anything.

Thus, we can discover insight into the benefits of what we consume.

However, while various sources explain the dangers of a diet heavy in junk food, sometimes chowing down on a burger and fries is just what the doctor ordered.

Burger King net worth - Compelo

Burger King net worth: Does the company rule the world of fast food?

The global fast food chain represents cuisine that reflects the Americana culinary tradition.

According to enthusiasts:

“Certain cuisine is also distinctly associated with Americana. Apple pie is just one example among many. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes for instance would be considered solid American food, and the hamburger and fries on fast food menus throughout the country certainly are.”

Therefore, Burger King’s classic offerings, in particular its iconic Whopper, stand for a slice of American culture.

Additionally, the brand symbolises longevity.

Dave Edgerton and James McLamore founded it in 1954. Their influence led it to becoming the second largest fast food burger franchise in the world.

Consequently, Burger King claims to have over 11 million global consumers.

Burger King net worth - Compelo

A far cry from a fine dining experience, Burger King’s success comes from its affordable, easily-accessed fare.

In 2010 an international investment company called 3G Capital bought Burger King. This purchase made the fast food chain a private company.

Thus, due to this acquisition, the Burger King net worth is estimated to be $3.3bn (£2.57bn)

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