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Brand Info

  • Started in the year 1996
  • BBB Accredited in the year 1997
  • State-level compliance items handling.


  • Unlimited Business Name Availability Check
  • Quick and easy

About the Brand

Founded in 1996, the business service company named BizFilings owned by legal services giant, CT Corporation, is considered as one of the best LLC companies in the United States. Their long existence in the business formation industry has let them be able to help millions of business owners in every online formation process. Their focus is on letting your business grow and evolve in an easy, convenient, and affordable way.

The company is well known for its guides and tools available to all entrepreneurs, especially to small business owners. One of which is their startup checklist.

Moreover, Bizfilings has been BBB) Better Business Bureau) accredited since November 1, 1997. Until today, they continue to grow and retain their reputation. They are now offering incorporation services to different business entities such as LLC, corporation (both C-Corp and S-Corp), and nonprofit.

In the BizFilings review of this big filing, we dive deeper into Bizfilings offers, Packages’ price points, features, advantages and disadvantages, and customers’ reviews. In addition, we will take a look at other companies that might serve as BizFilings alternatives when it comes to LLC services and even in other incorporation services.

BizFilings’s Advantages

Knowing that Bizfilings started in the year 1996, it is undoubtedly notable that the company is now reaching experiences both in business incorporation, filing, and the formation and in customers’ common problems. There were already hundreds of thousands of businesses, which already took advantage of their offers. Most of the BizFilings review showed us that over 90% of customers’ feedback is positive.

In addition, BizFilings has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and given an A+ rating. Therefore, we can say that this company is a legit and well-respected online LLC formation services provider.

Secondly, their website is well protected by Norton Web Security. The Norton Web Security is constantly scanning for viruses and malware circulating around the world wide web. It also encrypts data. Therefore, all the data you submit through their website is always being kept private and is hard to be stolen.

The third advantage of using BizFilings is their BizComply online tool, renewable every six (6) months. It is useful to keep track of your records, filing dates, and compliance deadlines. Moreover, they also have available informational documents for small business owners and startups. Topics are not only limited to LLC formation, ongoing compliance issues, and tax-related articles.

Another best thing about BizFilings is their State-level compliance items handling. LLC law from one state to another may differ, but with Bizfilings, you have nothing to be scared of. They handle LLC formation in any state and they are surely able to help you comply with anything that your state asks from you. As such, if you form an LLC in New York, Bizfilings can help you with your publications. Moreover, they give you six months of registered agent, which you may or may not renew later on.

Last but not least, their Business Name Availability Check is available even if you are not a bizfilings’ customer yet. You can do business name research without any limitation. This is something that most LLC service companies do not offer.

BizFilings LLC Formation Packages Review


Bizfilings offers three LLC packages. These are Basic, Standard, and Complete. Below is the breakdown of each package’s features and pricing. Note that each package does not offer a Free State fee.

Basic Package ($99 + State Fees)

Bizfilings’ basic LLC formation package includes Articles of Organization, Name Availability Searches, 6 Months Registered Agent Service, and 6 Months, BizComply Tool.

The Articles of Organization service includes both the Preparation and Filing of these documents. Bizfilings will help you work, create, and write everything and have them submitted to your forming state. The company will not stop until the formation process is complete.

As for their Name Availability Searches, Bizfilings allows you to search as many times as you want. Their server has access to all states’ databases to ensure that your LLC or business name is unique. It is worth remembering that Bizfilings offers this without limit, and available even if you are not one of the BizFilings customers.

Moreover, you will also have six months of a free registered agent as soon as you purchase any of Bizfilings’ packages. You can renew it for another six (6) months if you like, but it is optional. This free registered agent will be responsible for receiving and handling business-related documents. According to Bizfilings registered agent review, their service quality is highly recommended because they never miss any detail, and do not mishandle any document.

Standard Package (Price Varies from $159 to 244 + State Fees)

This package includes everything from the Basic’s business filing services + LLC Kit and Seal, Sample LLC formation service package, and Expedited BizFilings Processing service. Expedited Processing service simply means a service wherein the company will be prioritizing your order. Specifically, they will process your formation and filing over the orders of Basic Package users.

An LLC Kit and Seal is a binder with your business name or name of your LLC with the decorative seal for stamping, custom membership certificates, and membership transfer ledger. On the other hand, the Sample LLC Forms are templates made by Bizfilings that you can customize according to your likings. These templates include but are not limited to operating agreements, meeting minutes, and resolutions.

Complete Package (Price Varies from $199 to 434 + State Fees)

If you avail of this package, you will get a Federal Tax ID Number (EIN), Compliance DVD, Certified Copy of Your Documents, and State-Specific Features. The Compliance DVD is entitled “Now That you’re formed”. It contains a video instruction manual for LLC formation.

The State-Specific Features will depend on where you formed your LLC. Therefore, you might not be able to get such a feature if you form an LLC in a state wherein they do not have additional features. Likewise, if you create your LLC in Washington, you will receive an initial report, a certified copy of state filed formation papers, and a state tax ID form.

BizFilings LLC Service Brand Review

The best thing we like about BizFilings is their Business Name Availability Check. They offer it free of charge – whether you are a Bizfilings customer or not. Added to that, we can also conduct a name search without limits.

Bizfilings also offers a different level of business compliance service. With their State-level compliance items handling feature, you can form an LLC in any state, even if you think it is a state with a difficult business Formation and Filing process.

Is This Brand Right For You?

If you believe that the length of existence is a factor of the company’s credibility, then Bizfilings is one of the best LLC company services to consider. Aside from its years of existence, there are a number of positive customer BizFilings review available on third party websites.

Moreover, if you like customized business designs and record tracking kits and tools, they also have something for you. Their standard package includes LLC Kit and Seal, as well as document templates.


As for the overall rating, we give them 4 out of 5 stars. Bizfilings covers the most important business services and has a good customer support service. In addition, they also offer the business name search available to all. That way, they are able to cater more to both startup business owners, LLCs, and corporations. 

However, their filing services in the Basic package do not include an EIN, which might be costly for some customers.

Cost value

It is nice to find out that the most important packages (Formation and Filing Services) are already available at their Basic Package. However, it is somehow frustrating because you will only get an EIN if you avail of the complete package. 

Furthermore, other features included in the complete and standard package can be offered as optional. With this Bizfilings’ pricing strategy over value, we give them a score of 3 out of 5 stars.

Customer service

Though Bizfilings does not have as many reviews as their competitors, we were easily able to find customer reviews outside of their website. To a surprise, most BizFilings review is positive.

There were a few complaints reported, but all of those were resolved. Because of that, we give them a 5 out of 5 stars rating.

Ease of use

As Bizfilings provide much useful information, almost everything becomes easy. Added to that is his or her online name availability check, which can be accessed by anybody. Therefore, when the customer makes an order, they experience a faster and smoother process. Because of this, we give a 5 out of 5 stars rating.

Included features

Bizfilings’ Basic package already contains all the most needed LLC formation services. Their higher package adds more extra features, but we find that it is not very important to purchase the offer further. Nevertheless, those additional features may still help customers in making their business be more presentable, and have it operate smoothly. Thus, we gave it a 3 out of 5 stars rating.

2 Top BizFilings LLC Alternatives Review


LegalZoom was founded in 2001. Ever since then, they were able to help over 4 million businesses in terms of legal problems. This is one of the top alternatives to Bizfilings as it offers similar services.

With LegalZoom, you can start an LLC, Create custom legal documents, Register a trademark, Apply for a patent, Obtain copyright protection, and Get business tax advice. On top of everything, LegalZoom also offers a registered agent service.
The company also offers a 60-day money-back satisfaction guarantee under its refund policy.

Therefore, you would have enough time to test their services. Moreover, you can cancel your membership anytime you would want to, and you will be granted a prorated refund.


Another great alternative to Bizfilings is MyCompanyWorks, previously known as Inc. The company was founded in 2001 with the mission that evolves in the statement, “to make starting a business as simple, fast, and inexpensive as possible.”

It receives a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on Google, and a 4.8 satisfaction rating on ShopperApproved. In addition, Better Business Bureau® (BBB) accredits the company with an A+ rating with excellent customer support service and without unresolved complaints.
MyCompanyWorks has three LLC formation packages namely Basic, Entrepreneur, and complete.

BizFilings’s Disadvantages

Despite Bizfilings’ many advantages, it still has few cons to consider. One is their varying prices in standard and complete packages. The two packages have different prices depending on which state you form your LLC. Added to that is your state fee, which also differs from one state to another.

Moreover, their two packages are being priced with other features that you might not necessarily need. Furthermore, the EIN is available only in the Complete Package, while they can make it available in the Basic or standard. Thus, if you want to obtain an EIN through Bizfilings, you have to pay for its complete package.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to complete my order?

In Bizfilings, your order completion may vary from state to state and the order type. In addition, the processing of orders may be affected by the service priority level. For instance, typical processing may take four to six weeks, and expedited processing may take one to two weeks.

What information does Bizfilings need to complete my incorporation?

It depends on what type of business entity you are filing. For an LLC, you are required to submit your incorporation documents — your State of incorporation, your LLC’s name, Name, address, phone and email of the contact person, Shipping contact information (only if different from main contact details), your LLC’s legal address, Name and address of the registered agent, and Names of the members/managers of your LLC.

What happens if the name I want is not available?

If your chosen company name is not available, you are allowed to pick another and search if the second name is available. In cases that the second name is already in use, Bizfilings will call you for additional choices.

What happens if I change any of my information after my order is complete?

This depends on what information you would want to change or update. Some information such as the company’s name and mission statement has to undergo the process of amendment filing. Thus, we encourage you to contact Bizfilings for more details about the process.

What is a registered agent?

A registered agent is someone who’s responsible for document handling. They will serve as a representative of your company.

Is Registered Agent Service included in my order.

Yes. Upon ordering any of Bizfilings packages, you will be granted a free six months of Registered Agent Service. If you want to avoid any interruption of such a service, we recommend you to use the auto-renewal program.

In which state should I incorporate?

You can form your corporation or LLC in any state to which you would like to. However, if you choose to form a company outside your home state, you may have additional requirements to comply with. This is because some states may require you to register and transact business in your home state before you could register to the state where you want to form your company. If this is the case, you have to pay both the fees for your state of incorporation and state of qualification. You can consult accountants and lawyers from Bizfilings if you need further assistance

What if there is an error on my state-filed documents?

Bizfilings always review all documents upon filing. The company has a service warranty wherein they will fix all the errors without additional charges. However, take note that this only applies to errors not caused by you. Moreover, if the state was the one to make a mistake, just contact Bizfilings’ customer support directly, and they will reach out to your state and fix the error.


Bizfilings is one of the best incorporation service providers with a strong reputation in the business industry. With more than 20 years of existence, the company managed to maintain its record, especially customer satisfaction and BBB’s A+ rating.

The company has three packages available. These are Basic, Standard, and Complete. In the Basic package alone, you are able to start forming your business as well as processing an LLC filing.

If you want to look for Bizfilings’ alternative, we can recommend LegalZoom or MyCompanyWorks. Both companies started their business service in 2001 and have positive online customer reviews. However, Bizfilings can work around LLC formation and filing in any state — something that other companies do not offer. Nevertheless, the decision is all up to you. We hope this Bizfilings review is able to help you as you start your own LLC.

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