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Ease of Use

8.5 /10

Customer Service

9.0 /10

Cost Value

BetterLegal Info

  • Name: BetterLegal Solutions LLC
  • Started in 2/21/2016
  • Located at Austin, TX 78759-8659


  • Quality customer service
  • Provided useful information
  • Little to no upselling
  • Helpful registered agents

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About The Brand

BetterLegal is a fairly recent LLC formation company that started in 2016. But even as a newcomer to the business, they have managed to make a name for themselves through their distinguished service and reliable results. This Better Legal review covers everything you need to know about the company, including the various advantages they offer as well as reasons on why you need to try it out.

With all of that being said, let’s start with the company’s advantages over other LLC formation companies as well as the various formation packages that it offers.

BetterLegal’s Advantages

Better Legal has a lot of advantages that they give to their customers. Better Legal registered agents  give benefits ranging from S corp tax election to amazing registered agent service. Here’s a complete list of the company’s advantages:

  • Privilege to users of their partnership program
  • Registered Agent officer designation
  • Organized order form
  • Fast turnaround time within two business days
  • LLC formation 
  • Positive comments from BetterLegal Reviews 
  • Useful form 
  • Little to no upselling  of services
  • A website filled with useful information

Best Overall Value


  • Better Protection
  • Deal Certainty
  • Potential Tax Benefits
  • Legitimacy

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BetterLegal LLC Formation Packages

Better Legal is known for the quality of their LLC formations and their quick turnaround time; They can process all important files regarding your LLC formation. Sadly, they don’t have multiple LLC formation services to offer you and they only have packages that offer a fixed price.

Thankfully this LLC formation package contains a lot of services and features already like:

  • An operating agreement
  • Banking Resolution 
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number)

Better Legal Registered Agents Inc handles your registered agent as well. Sadly it isn’t included in their LLC creation packages which is a big disadvantage.  Their service is also praised by a lot of Better Legal reviews thanks to their reliable speed and results that they give. 

BetterLegal LLC Service Review 

Is This Brand Right For You?

BetterLegal has a lot to offer its customers and their services can help a wide range of people from business owners who are just starting to people who want help with their registering and processing from state fees to registered agent service.

To determine whether or not BetterLegal is the appropriate service provider and business advisory plan for you, let’s take a look at what the registered agent service company has to offer. 

Cost Value 

At first glance, BetterLegal LLC might seem pricey or downright expensive but they make up for this initial price by providing a lot of value to their services. The main reason why their services have such a high price in the first place is that it contains other services bundled with them.

Their business formation services also contain an operating agreement, a banking resolution as well as other helpful documents, help with EIN (Employer Identification Number), S corp tax selection, and ownership amendment.

Luckily for some people, not all of their services are in bundles which do help people get a flat fee for their registered agent services, state filing fee, and handling of forms and documents. Overall, they have a good cost-to-value ratio which makes them a good choice, and Better Legal also has little to no upselling as well so if you’re looking to save some money in the long run. 

Customer Experience & Support 

Better Legal has an amazing customer support team which explains why they have a lot of positive customer reviews. Their customer support team is available on most business days and they have a fast turnaround time when it comes to answering your questions.

They know how to answer your question or question and they are proficient in handling this process in a way that calms even angry customers with complaints. 

Lastly, the customer support team is knowledgeable about most things regarding the company and they’ll be able to help you with your problems, whether it’s about LLC formations, help with contact information of a law firm, S Corp Tax Election, registered agent services, and official designation,  to problems with their websites and easing your complaints. 

Ease of Use

This BetterLegal review also focuses on the ease of use of their websites and other platforms, whether they be on the internet or offline. We would like to say that their website is easy to use and you can understand everything thanks to the simple layout.

This means that their websites offer a good user experience for their customers and it’s filled with useful information about the company down from contact information to useful documents that you might be able to use on your business. 


BetterLegals is known as one of the faster companies when it comes to filling out documents like a  banking resolution, state filing fees, operating agreement, EIN,  order form, and other important files to get your business started.

They have a quick turnaround time and as a user of their service, you’ll usually get responses within 1 to 2 business days. 

Included Features

BetterLegal has a lot to offer its customers. They offer reliable registered agent service, business formation packages that include services like dealing with state filing fees, ownership amendment, and many more.

Of course, the business formation services also cover both LLC formation and Corporation formation services as well. Both services are similar in price and they offer benefits like handling your state filing fee, tax analysis, and even insurance evaluation. 

They have a reliable website that allows you to easily find what you need and it even allows you to subscribe to their services saving you money in the long run, They don’t offer legal advice though so don’t shower them with complaints if they don’t have an attorney to provide legal services. 

Partner Account

BetterLegal offers a lot of benefits to people who sign up for their partner account[1]. Partners can enjoy unlimited formation services, better rates, as well as being better informed about current business situations thanks to having a network of other partners at your side. 


Overall, BetterLegal offers a lot of positive advantages to its customers. They have reasonable rates for their business services and a good flat fee to offer to start business owners as well.

 They have an amazing website that provides an amazing user experience as well as amazing speed when handling documents resulting in fast turnaround times in just two business days.

BetterLegal is a company worth trying and we highly recommend that you share with other people so that they can benefit from their amazing process and reliable company services.

2 Top BetterLegal LLC Alternatives Review


Zenbusiness is a good alternative to BetterLegal when it comes to choices. The company offers 3 different payment options with varying services. You can choose the cheapest option and get the basics done or pay a large amount of money to get exclusive privileges that would help your business. 


IncFile is a good alternative to Better Legal, especially if you’re looking for a more experienced LLC formation service. The company has been in business since 2004 and has managed to garner positive reviews and trust throughout the years.  



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  • In just one business day, Incfile will file your LLC documents.
  • In less than 10 minutes, you can complete your order.
  • It offers excellent value for money and low prices.
  • Nothing to worry about in the way of hidden fees or automatic renewals


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  • Approachable and exhilarating, respectively.
  • Customer feedback is ZenBusiness’s greatest asset.
  • Their LLC service is one of the most cost-effective services available.

BetterLegal’s Disadvantages

Ironically, BetterLegal’s disadvantage stems from its name. It’s very misleading since the company doesn’t actually provide legal advice to its customers. In fact, they even have a disclaimer on their website that mentions that they aren’t a law firm, nor are they substitutes for one. 

Don’t expect them to be replacements for an attorney either, as the focus of their company is mainly about business formation and registered agent services. Most of their advertisements are about what they can do for you.


Overall, our Better Legal review shows that the company is very reliable thanks to the numerous services they can offer. The company doesn’t just handle LLC formation but also those of other business entities like corporations as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is A BetterLegal Document Service rated?

A lot of people rate their document service to be pretty reliable and reliable at times. BetterLegal prides itself on its speed at handling documents within 2 business days.

What days are A BetterLegal Document Services open?

BetterLegal is open on most business days.

Do BetterLegal Services Do Other Things for Small Businesses?

Yes. Aside from handling your documents, they also offer evaluations and give help regarding various information that may prove useful to your company.

Does Better Legal  Provide Legal Advice?

No. The company does not provide legal advice and other BetterLegal Reviews often mention this disadvantage.

What do other BetterLegal Review think?

It depends on the reviewer’s perspective. Our BetterLegal review generally paints the company in a positive light with a few shortcomings. Another BetterLegal review agrees with our views while others don’t

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