LLC (Limited Liability Company) is one of the most common business structures that businesspersons form in the United States. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) first recognizes it in 1980.

As thousands of businesses form an LLC, other business enthusiasts had a passion for helping entrepreneurs through what they call LLC services online. In this article, we will discuss the 10 Best LLC services companies. We listed down some of its features, customer reviews, and customer feedback, as well as its pros and cons. We also have a quick overview of what LC is and how you can create one.

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Why is it better?

  • Inclusive business formation services
  • Ongoing state compliance requirements
  • Annual business reports

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The Lineup At A Glance

Best value for money

  • Inclusive business formation services
  • Ongoing state compliance requirements
  • Annual business reports

Best LLC service 2020

  • Automatic lifetime notifications
  • Certificate of good standing
  • Trademark registration

Fastest application processing

  • Operating Agreement
  • Fast LLC Filing
  • Second Telephone Number

Most easy to set up

  • Business Checking Account
  • Tax Planning Consultation
  • One Year Inc Protection Advisor

Most well-known LLC service

  • Comprehensive Business Legal Services Plan
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Trademark registration, Copyright application, and Initial patent application

Best legal services

  • Intuitive Form Builder
  • Online Legal Advice
  • Document Defense

Excellent customer support

  • Startup Wizard interactive LLC formation checklist
  • Personalized LLC operating agreement
  • Business tax consultation

Outstanding customer reviews

  • Document filing with the Secretary of State’s office
  • Online access to incorporation documents
  • Free domain name

Best customer support

  • State-level compliance items handling
  • State-Specific Features
  • Certified Copy of Documents with Overnight Shipping

Most experience company

  • Price matching
  • Domestic Mail forwarding
  • License Research Service

10 Best LLC Service Companies in 2020



Take everything you need for your dream business, and get Registered Agent and Operating Agreement all at once. DO it all in ZenBusiness, having best LLC services.

  • All-inclusive business formation services
  • Variety of add-on products
  • Alerts
  • Recurring fee for registered agent services in basic package

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ZenBusiness is one of the best companies offering online LLC services, making legal filings easier and affordable. This is one of the great options for small business owners as you can prepare and file your own Business Formation Documents with their help.

Some of the valuable services that ZenBusiness offer include ZenBusiness’s business formation. Business formation applies to LLCs and any corporations. The corporation can be either C Corp and S Corp.

They also offer Name availability search in ZenBusiness website, ZenBusiness’ Registered agent services, DBA (doing business as) registration, ZenBusiness’ operating agreements, Federal employer ID number, ZenBusiness’s Annual business reports per year.

There’s more. They also give ZenBusiness’s Ongoing state compliance requirements, New York State Business Formation Publication, and ZenBusiness’ Filing amendments. Featured services does not end here. They also give Certificates of good standing and banking resolutions. All are powered by ZenBusiness.

ZenBusiness also offers add-on features (Additional services) that you might benefit. Some of these are Complimentary assessment from their certified accountant (bookkeeping, accounting, and tax considerations), Business domain name, business web domain, and their ZenBusiness’s quotes for business insurance!

They offer three different service packages namely, ZenBusiness Starter ($49), ZenBusiness Pro ($179 annually plus state filing service fees), and ZenBusiness Premium ($299 annual membership plus state filing fees). or more information, you can go directly to their website.

They also offer an A-La-Carte, a great option to customize your order. As for rating and other customers’ reviews, their starter package got 4.7 rating from Trustpilot and 4.8 from Google. According to testimonies, ZenBusiness’s platform is easy to navigate. They also have a great customer support service, ready to assist entrepreneurs.

Despite these positive reviews, some customers expressed their confusion about its recurring charges, especially around registered agents. They also have features that are not demanded by most of the LLC members.



Here is the fastest and easiest way to start forming your LLC and manage your S-Corporation, C-Corporation, or even Nonprofit for as little as $0 + State Fees. No contracts and no Hidden Fees.

  • Automatic lifetime notifications
  • Track record (Company filings are stored in digital format for)
  • Good customer reviews
  • No legal form builder
  • Limited intellectual property and legal services

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Incfile, or sometimes called Incfile LLC, is an online legal services company enabling small business owners build and form their own business entities, file compliance documents and their taxes. Their legal services include but not limited to Business entity filing service. Registered agent services, File business taxes, Compliance guidance, Trademark registration, and Certificate of good standing.

They also process Employer identification number (EIN), File corporation annual report (One report per year), S-corporation tax election, and Tax returns.

According to reviews, Incfile is one of the best LLC services provider with excellent features. They got the best-rated online LLC formation service in the rank, giving entrepreneurs access to many documents needed for filing.

With Incfile, you can easily manage and update your business information like changing a registered agent, filing another LLC, or changing your business name. The company also helps all its customers in avoiding hassles through their automatic lifetime notification alerts, reminding you every time your compliance deadlines are approaching.

In addition, all your filings are stored in a digital format so that you can access it anytime you want. 

Furthermore, they also handle other types of organization and businesses such as S-Corporation, C-Corporation, and Nonprofit.

What is the downside? They are lacking of legal services, which many business owners need. They do not even have a legal form builder. Though they have a trademark registration service, customer reviews still comments about their limited intellectual property services.

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent-1

Manage your LLC business with Northwest Registered Agent. They can offer the best LLC services you may never find.

  • Incredible customer support
  • Includes one year of registered agent services upon formation.

  • Expensive starting price
  • Fewer 3rd-party customer online reviews

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Northwest Registered Agent is also considered as one of the best companies offering the best LLC service. Unlike other online LLC servants, Northwest does not sell or give any information to third parties because they have their own servers. In addition, Northwest also the ones writing their codes.

Northwest is being praised because of their excellent customer support service. They have a team of well-trained professional, guiding business owners in any problems they encounter. The review states, “Every time we have called with questions about complicated state rules or forming an LLC, the very first person we talk to is able to immediately answer our questions.”

Northwest downsides are also minimal. If you have a low budget, Northwest Registered Agent is not for you. Also, this company has fewer online customer reviews but still have positive customer feedback. If you do not mind a number of available reviews and would want to experience the services by yourself, the only thing that might prevent you from doing so is its price.

Unlike other companies, Northwest Registered Agent provides no options – only one filing package with Add-Ons (additional services) that are optional.

Their LLC Filing service includes Name Availability Search, Preparation and Filing of Your Articles of Organization, and a Registered Agent Services for one year. Added to that are Northwest’s Operating Agreement and Fast LLC Filing.

As for their additional services (Add-ons), Northwest Agent has offers Federal Tax ID Number (EIN), Compliance Filing ON YOUR BEHALF per year, S Corporation Election with the IRS, and a Second Telephone Number. Northwest’s also provides Corporate Supplies depending on where you form your LLC.

Inc Authority

Inc Authority-1

Avail a comprehensive LLC Services online free. Just pay your state fees, and Inc Authority will handle the rest.

  • Free LLC formation service
  • One full year of registered agent services
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Expensive premium packages
  • No refunds

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Inc Authority is one of the two companies offering free registered agent in every formation service you purchase.INC authority also have great offers for all customers. There are no additional fees in your end just to form your new LLC as long as you hand the payment for your state fees.

They have four packages available namely Free ($0 + State Fee), Starter ($399 + State Fee), Executive ($499 + State Fee), and Tycoon ($799 + State Fee).

INC authority free services include Name Availability Search, Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization, One year free Registered Agent Services, and S Corporation Tax Election Form

They also offer third party partnership services such as Business Checking Account, Tax Planning Consultation, and Business Funding Analysis

inc authority’s Starter package adds more services. It includes LLC Operating Agreement, Record Book and Company Seal, Ownership Certificates, Federal Tax ID Number and One Year Inc Protection Advisor.

Executive package includes all the services mentioned above, but with two more added services. It includes Business License Report and Website Domain. In the Tycoon package, Inc Authority adds two more addional services. These are Express Processing and BizCredit Express

INC authority also receives many positive customer feedbacks with thousands of reviews online. As a more return from the company, they often give 20% off coupons. One review states, “There’s no consistent spot to find it on their website (as far as we’ve found), but in our experience, the coupon will pop up if you leave the order form page idle for a few minutes.”



Form an LLC with a customized design and have personalized online legal solutions. That is only possible in LegalZoom.

  • LegalZoom Longevity and Money Back Guarantee
  • Comprehensive Business Legal Services Plan
  • Costly business formation services
  • Certain LegalZoom legal services are available only if you sign up for monthly business legal plan

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Aside from great features, the best thing about LegalZoom is their 60-day money back satisfaction guarantee. In addition, you can cancel your membership anytime you like.

Like other LLC service company, they also offer legal service plan. The services included in the plan are Business formation services, LegalZoom Registered agent service, Legal Forms and LegalZoom Business Advisory Plan.

This LegalZoom Business Advisory Plan gives you a chance to do Phone consultations with a lawyer, have unlimited access to legal forms, document review, annual business evaluation, and access to tax professionals. They also provides you a Trademark registration, Copyright application, and Initial patent application.

The downside of LegalZoom legal plan is that this does not fit to someone wanting a One-Time legal advice. You can only avail such deal if you sign up for a monthly subscription.

Nevertheless, there is another positive news. LegalZoom service includes one copyright registration per month (As shown above). This is an excellent offer that artists, writers, and musicians would like the most.

Moreover, the prices for every service are clearly shown in their website — no confusion awaits.

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer-1

Rocket Lawyer provides you a secure and quick access to all legal documents for your LLC. Improve your legal documents through experienced lawyers with wide range of expertise.

  • Online Legal Advice
  • Intuitive Form Builder
  • Document Defense
  • Costly Membership

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Rocket Lawyer is a bit different from other companies offering LLC services online. They made many of their services available to all. Meaning, you do not have to become a member just to avail their services. A highlight in one review stated, “What I love about Rocket Lawyer is I can still ask for a legal help.”

If you want for a quicker access to legal help, that is the time to consider availing a membership. Their lawyers have a wide range of different specialization such as business law, contracts, and intellectual property. You can ask unlimited question free — only if you sign up for membership.

Another fantastic feature of Rocket Lawyer is there intuitive form builder. You just have to answer a series of questions, and then you will immediately have a custom legal documents and contracts in your hands.

Along with the Intuitive Form Builder is their Document Defense. It works when you created a custom contract but the third party did not comply. A lawyer from the company will make a draft of a demand letter for you, and the said third party will eventually comply.

As for the ratings, Rocket Lawyer got 3.9 stars from Better Business Bureau, 4.8 from ConsumerAffairs, 9.7 from TrustPilot, and 4 stars from Sitejabber. Thus, they are considered as the one who offers best LLC services.



MyCompanyWorks helps you in your LLC formation and beyond. A handbook and their checklist tool are readily available even in basic package, letting you say, “My Company Works!”

  • Startup Wizard interactive LLC formation checklist
  • Registered agent service is only included in their highest LLC formation package

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MyCompanyWorks is considered as one of the LLC service company offering the most affordable and best LLC services plans. They have three business formation packages available namely, Basic package ($79 + State Fee), Entrepreneur ($199 + State Fee), and Complete ($279 + State Fee).

Their Basic package includes Business name availability search, Preparation and filing of articles of organization, Personalized LLC operating agreement, and Organizational minutes. Added to that are their Startup Wizard compliance checklist tool Handbook on LLC operation, and Business tax consultation.

As for the Entrepreneur package, services includes all of the mentioned services plus Federal tax ID number (EIN), LLC kit and seal with membership certificates, and MyCompanyForms document library.

The LLC kit and seal with membership certificates will be used in organizing your business ownership structure. On the other hand, MyCompanyForms document library is a shelf-like tool containing an over 200 sample forms.

If you want to further upgrade, to the complete package, a year of registered agent service will be available.

Like their competitors, MyCompanyWorks also excels in terms of customer satisfaction rate and positive feedback. If you have any issue in their LLC formation service, they will find a way to solve it. If still not satisfied or the problem is not solved, they will give your money back — 100% money return. 

Moreover, customer support service is often available, especially during business hours. You can also manage an S-Corporation in one place. 

Another feature making them unique is their Startup Wizard interactive LLC formation checklist. It guides you all throughout your step-by-step journey in accomplishing all your LLC business requirements. The only small downside is that a registered agent is only available in their complete package ($279 + State Fees).

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings-1

Plan your business, form an LLC with us. Go back doing what you love, and we process all other documents you will need.

  • Various Pricing Options

  • Registered Agent Fee
  • Convenience Fee

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Swyft Filings is a company that offers a multiple service for different business structures. In simpler term, they cater many types of business entity. These business entities are LLC, 

C-corporation, S-corporation, Nonprofit, and DBA (doing business as).

According to reviews, Swyft Filings is user-friendly. Many customer highlights their positive user experience stating, “The platform’s dashboard makes it easy to see which documents have been filed, where other forms are in the submission process, and where your nascent business is in general toward getting its legal and organizational ducks in a row.”

Another thing that makes the company stand out among others is their unique pricing option. They offer three plans namely Basic ($49 plus state fees), Standard ($149 plus state fees), and Premium ($299 plus state taxes). Aside from that, they have À La Carte Options, enabling the customers to have a customized plan.

As for the plan inclusion, their basic plan includes Company name availability tool, Articles of organization preparation, Document filing with the Secretary of State’s office, and Statement of the organizer. They also have Incorporation services, which you can access your incorporation documents online. Furthermore, they give you a Half-hour business tax consultation and a Real-time compliance-related alerts.

In their Standard plan, they add Procurement of an EIN for your business, Customizable LLC operating agreements or corporation bylaws, Fully tailored banking resolution, and Custom organizational or corporation meeting minutes.

They have four more services to offer if you upgrade to their Premium plan. These are Electronic delivery of state documents, Customized digital corporate kit, Free business website and hosting, and an option to ship your filing documents via FedEx Express. The digital corporate kit may contain a company seal, 20 custom stock certificates, and an ownership ledger.

As for the À La Carte Options, the decision is relies on the business owner or LLC member. It is optional and all customers can choose their wanted services. Options include Obtaining EIN worth $70, LLC operating agreement worth $35, Corporation bylaws for $35, and a Banking resolution worth $30. 

They can also provide you a Meeting minutes for $25, Electronic delivery of state documents for $20, and Digital corporate kit for $99. Take note that you can get an EIN for free through the IRS website.

The downside of Swyft Filings is the additional fees you need to release. None of their packages includes a registered agent. You also have to pay for some small services like obtaining an EIN unless you want to do it separately.



BizFilings helps LLC members and other entrepreneurs handling businesses in different types. The service extends even your LLC was formed from different states.

  • State-level compliance items handling
  • Business Owner’s Toolkit
  • Business name availability check without registering
  • High price
  • Price varies from state to state

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BizFilings has been operating since year 1996, and still standing despite many companies are now competing inside the market. According to customer reviews, they are satisfied with their services especially the assistance for state-level compliance. Their Business Owner’s Toolkit is another valuable material, which includes extensive info regarding LLC formation, compliance tips, and taxation guides. Moreover, Business Name Availability Check is available for all — even you are not BizFilings’ member.

Like other companies, they also have three packages available. These are Basic ($99 + State Fee), Standard ($159-244 + State Fee), and Complete ($199-434 + State Fee).

Their basic package includes an Articles of Organization (from Preparation to Filing), Unlimited Name Availability Searches, 6 Months Registered Agent Service, and 6 Months BizComply Tool.

As fotr their Standard package, they offer an LLC Kit and Seal, Sample LLC Forms, and Expedited BizFilings Processing.

Finally, the complete package, includes Federal Tax ID Number (EIN), Compliance DVD containing video instruction manual for LLC formation, Certified Copy of Documents with Overnight Shipping and State-Specific Features.

BizFilings’ downside falls on the price — it depends on the state where you form your LLC. Their complete package includes State-Specific Features, which somehow explains such condition. However, here is another good thing. BizFilings can handle other business entity such as S Corp, C Corp, Nonprofit, Limited Partnership (LP), and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).



Grab a great deal with price matching offered by InCorp.

  • Great customer feedback, with an A+ rating
  • Some great discounts for volume orders.
  • Price matching
  • $99 for LLC formation services (company formation services) does not include shipping

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InCorp may not be the first choice of some people, but their ability to adjust on customers’ needs lets them have a position in a high rank. While some may think that the company does not offer the lowest price in the industry, their solid customer witnessed their great offers.

They offer massive discounts, and from $117, it could go down up to $67 per year. Their downside is they have a shipping fee, making their price costlier. 

Another downside is they only have one package available. The package features the following services like Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization, Name Availability Search, and Domestic 2-Day Shipping.

Despite this negative side, we have another good news. An A number of add-on are available in their La Carte Feature. Features include Registered Agent worth ($67-99 per year.

The specific prices are $99 per year in a one-year subscription, $89.10/year in two-year subscription, $80.52/year for three years, $73.06/year for four years, and $66.56/year for five years.

Other additional services they offer are LLC Kit & Seal that costs $69 plus $18-24 for the shipping fee, Federal Tax ID (EIN) Obtainment for $69, Preparation of IRS Form SS-4 for $35, and License Research Service worth $149.

There is more. InCorp also offers “Limited Liability Companies for Dummies”. It is a book containing a comprehensive guide to all things about LLC such as tips and tricks for every step of the LLC life cycle. Its price is $24.99. Further more, they also provide Certificates of Good Standing only $35 plus state fee, Domestic Mail forwarding that costs $195/year, and a management of an Annual Report Service for $49/year.

How to Choose an LLC Service

We have listed 10 of the many companies offering Online LLC service. However, if you are still confused on which company you are going to subscribe, we have some tips for you.

1. Define what you need.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What are the things that you cannot handle on your own?

From all the things that you can do, what additional assistance do you need?

Use your answers to narrow down your options. Eliminate the companies that do not cater your needs.

2. Continue the illumination process.

Go over through your options. Take down the company having an unnecessary service depending on your need.

3. Choose the right package.

If you have chosen a company to which you want to have a membership, choose the package that caters all your need.

We suggest putting the prices as the last thing to consider, because there is no expensive service as long as the deliverance is also in its high-end. If the LLC service’ price is too expensive, we suggest taking a plan having a “per year” (yearly) subscription

What is an LLC?

LLC or Limited Liability Company is a type of a business structure in United States of America, which indeed, the person owning a business is not directly and personally liable for his company’s debts or liabilities. 

This is the most popular choice of small business owners because of its liability protection, management flexibility, and tax advantages. The business structure is characterized as somehow a combination of corporation and partnership, and a more formal form of partnership arrangement requiring you articles of organization to be filed with the state where you want your LLC are formed.

In an LLC, we call the business owners as members. It can be handled by the owner himself, or by a manager selected by people involved in your business.

There must also be rules in any business structure. In an LLC, rules and regulations are written down in a document called LLC operating agreement. All the scope and limitation of the LLC and its member are clearly stated in this paper.

But how can the owners be not directly reliable of their liabilities? LLC’s existence is legal and it stands as a separate property from the owner. Therefore, an LLC member is now not directly personally responsible for the business debts and liabilities. However, this does not mean owners themselves have zero responsibility.

LLC allows pass-through taxation because income under LLC is not taxed at the entity level. However, if an LLC has two or more owners, the income and losses is being passed again through its owners. Therefore, in this case, owners must report all income and loss on their personal tax returns and must pay all necessary taxes.

Regulations for LLCs vary from one state to another. As for example, most states are not strict in terms of its membership. These states allow anyone to register including but not limited to individuals and corporations. Foreigners, foreign entities and even other LLCs can also avail the LLC membership. However, there are selected entities that are not allowed to LLCs such as banks and insurance companies.

Reasons to Use LLC Services

While you can be an agent for your own LLC business, having a person acting as registered agent reduces hassles in your part. In addition, some state requires you to have a registered agent aside from you, managing your business. This is because that agent will act on your behalf, just in case you are not available.

Here are other reasons why you should consider using LLC Services.

1. To spend and focus your time and attention solely on business building.

Building your business means implementing services or producing products as well as developing features you might add for more customer satisfaction. Availing an LLC services online makes this possible.

An LLC service company will be the one to process most or all of your documents to be submitted to authorities. It really makes your business life get easier. Some offers form builder and automated documents, so you would only need to have it reviewed and perform little revision.

2. To avoid the risk of non-compliance.

It is hard to catch up with deadlines especially if you have too many things to do. Not being able to catch up through all the state’s deadline will cause a trouble to your LLC. What the company will do is they perform a necessary action to help you stay on the line.

3. For a stable communication.

This is very useful if you have hectic schedules to handle. Your registered agent, usually from an LLC online service company will be the one to handle the responsibility for all and every documents, as well as communication from lawyers and other people. They will communicate everything to you as soon as you become available. This limits the tendency of people having a negative impression on you.

4. To track record(s).

With the help of LLC service, tracking your record from the past up to the present is being secured.

How LLC Services Work

LLC services, usually offered by LLC services companies are third parties assisting you in your business management. Most LLC services include LLC formation services, (company formation services) LLC filing, registered agents, consultation, and documentation.

If you want to avail the best LLC services, what you might consider doing is signing up for a subscription from companies listed above. Upon having a membership, the company will deliver their services depending on the package or plan you availed.

How To Create An LLC?

Starting an LLC might be easy or a bit hard. That depends on your motivation, your budget, and the law of the state in terms where you want to apply for LLC membership. You can also sign up in a company that is offering best LLC formation services. Nevertheless, here are the steps you need to take when you want to become a member of an LLC.

LLC Formation Steps 

Step 1. Choose a State in Which to Form Your LLC.

Most of the business owners form an LLC in a state where the business will operate. Often times, it is also a place where they live. However, you can actually create an LLC in any state.

The reason why business owners form an LLC in the same state where their business will be functioning is the lower cost they may spend. Moreover, if you want to register from another state, you have to apply as foreign LLC, also known as foreign qualify. However, this is not always the case since LLC laws vary from one state to another, which may sometimes be advantageous to you, depending on what state you live.

Step 2. Choose a Name for Your LLC.

Choose a name that is unique in identity. You cannot form an LLC with the same name as other business entity. The best advice to avoid such conflict is conducting an LLC name search on states’ websites. In case you think you are not ready for LLC filing but you have your LLC name in mind, you can still start doing a research. Then, we encourage you to reserve your chosen name, if the state allows it. In addition, you can also do trademark search to avoid intellectual property infringement.

Step 3. Choose a Registered Agent.

A registered agent is someone who receives important legal notices and tax documents on behalf of you or your LLC. These documents include but not limited to annual statements or reports, and tax documents sent to you by the Secretary of the State and the Department of Taxation. They also handle Notice of Litigation — usually are summons and complaints, against the LLC, as well as garnishment orders and subpoenas 

Choose an agent wisely. If they mishandle any documents they receive, it can cause many troubles in your LLC. Therefore, it is highly recommended that your chosen registered agent have their complete physical address and not PO Box only.

If you want a less hassle in hiring an agent, you can subscribe to a company offering LLC services. Most of them include a registered agent without additional fee.

Step 4. Prepare an LLC Operating Agreement.

As the term suggests, an LLC Operating Agreement is an agreement between the LLC and the members. Though agreement can be oral, it is still best to have it written.

You still need to write your operating agreement even you are the only member of the LLC. This shows your respect to LLC’s separate existence.

In the agreement, you will be writing the things you want to happen in some circumstances under your control. An example of this is the things you would want to do if you are no longer able to manage your business further. 

As for LCS with two or more members, it is more important to have a written LLC operating agreement. The agreement should be clear and with complete details.

The following are the most important details present in the agreement:

What is your process of division of ownership, labor, and profits?

Among all owners, who has the authority for disputes?

What are the things needed, or how many votes are required to approve certain transactions?

When and how can membership interests be transferred?

When and how can a new member be added?

We recommend you to get a lawyer when drafting your LLC Operating Agreement. He will be the one to review what you have written to ensure that all necessary things were covered.

Step 5. File Your LLC with Your State.

In order your LLC to be official and legal, you have to submit an LLC Formation documents. It is also known as “Certificate of Organization,” “Certificate of Formation,” or “Articles of Organization”. These documents must be submitted to the Secretary of State’s office and/or any department that handles business filing. It may depend on which state you want to form your LLC. In addition, the filing fees also vary from one state to another.

As forming an LLC requirements vary from state to state, your Formation documents may include elements that cannot be found in other states. However, here are some common elements that every state requires:

  • Name, principal location and purpose of the business
  • Registered agent’s name and physical address
  • Whether the LLC will be member-managed or manager-managed

You must then sign your documents or paperwork. In some states you are required to release a registered agent’s consent stating that you allow or appoint a person to act as your agent.

Once the state approved your filing documents, they will release and give you a certificate or any equivalent document — a confirmation that your LLC filing has been approved. It will then allow you to open business bank and get an EIN.

Step 6. Obtain an EIN.

All businesses must have their own EIN (Employer Identification Number). This is what your LLC be using in almost all finance and money-related transaction such as banking transaction, and income and employment tax filings/submission. To get your EIN, head over to Internal Revenue Service for application.

For an easier journey, you can avail LLC formation services from companies we listed above. Most of those companies are offering LLC formation and incorporation services, as well as other company formation services.


LLC is the most chosen business structure by Americans because of its benefits. An LLC member is not solely liable for all company’s losses. However, this does not mean you will not work for your business to standout.

There are companies offering LLC formation services and other business formation services to make your business management smoother. One we could recommend is IncFile. They offer you an Automatic lifetime notifications, helping you meet your deadlines. From great LLC formation services to a registered agent, this is the company we know that offers the best.

Other best LLC service companies include ZenBusiness, Northwest Registered Agent, Inc Authority, LegalZoom, Rocket Lawyer, MyCompanyWorks, Swyft Filings, BizFilings, and InCorp.

To form an LLC, you must:

  1. Choose a State in Which to Form Your LLC.
  2. Choose a Name for Your LLC.
  3. Choose a Registered Agent.
  4. Prepare an LLC Operating Agreement.
  5. File Your LLC with Your State.
  6. Obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number).

You will consider subscribing to an LLC service company to reduce your workload and focus more on your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I name my LLC anything I want?

Yes. You can have a company name as long as no other company owns it. You cannot also use a similar name from other companies to avoid confusion.

Do I have to use “LLC” in the name?

Yes. All states require all businesses under LLC to include such designation to distinguish it from other business entity.

Do I need to get a tax number for my LLC?

Yes. You will use it in most of your LLC’s money transactions.

Do I need an attorney to start an LLC?

Not really. You are not required to have a lawyer but you may want to consider having a consultation with your documents.

Do I need partners for LLC creation?

No. An individual can make his or her own LLC.

Can I have free registered agent?

Yes. There are some online companies offering free registered agent service if you avail their LLC formation package.

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