Calling all artists of the digital era – take a look at this guide to the best free drawing software.

As if drawing isn’t tough enough on paper, some are brave enough to attempt it on the computer. From illustrators to hobbyist, the search for the best free drawing software is well and truly underway, here’s the lowdown on the most popular out there.


Having been in development for 10 years, Krita has seen a recent burst in popularity, becoming one of the best free drawing software tools according to both the amateur and professional users.Krita best free drawing softwareUsers love the wrap-around mode which enables repeat images to be joined seamlessly. Also noted by critics is the ‘resource’ area, allowing users to import or design brushes, and create their own bundles.

The Gimp

This software has both basic and advanced features which allow budding artistes of any standard to create pieces. The most recent version in fact, comes with multiple tutorials, ensuring you’re never stuck for inspiration.the gimp best free drawing software

Inkscape Illustrator

Whether you’re an illustrator, designer, web designer or casually dabbling in the world of vector imagery, the simple interface of this software makes it a popular choice.Inkscape best free drawing softwareWith a vast feature set including object creating, object manipulating and text support, Inkscape Illustrator is up there with the best free drawing software.


Of all the best free drawing software, Psykopaint places most emphasis on fun. With the generalist brush a spray can, users are encouraged to loosen up and get creative.

One popular element of this software is the paint gun that ‘throws a bunch of paint blobs’ onto the canvas from which you can generate imaginative pieces.
Another unique feature is that Psykopaint’s pencils react to the surface upon which you’re drawing, this creates realistic contours throughout and allows users to establish a unique signature.