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Best education systems in the world

Which are the best education systems in the world?

Education is a topic which floods headlines and stimulates debate in governments worldwide, here’s a look at countries that invest and do best in this area.

The Social Progress Imperative compiles an annual Social Progress Index offering comprehensive measurement of basic education levels across the globe.

Research conducted by the UN allows the Social Progress Imperative to generate an index based on a variety of results.

The most recent results depict a world where East Asian countries dominate, valuing effort over natural intellect.

These top nations set clear goals and strictly hold relevant authorities to account for failure to succeed.

Meanwhile, Scandinavian countries have slid down the index in recent years, lagging behind their East Asian competitors.

These are the best education systems in the world.

Best education systems in the world
Seoul, South Korea

1 – South Korea

Japan and South Korea compete fiercely for poll position. Literacy rates in South Korea are at 97.9% and children attend school seven days a week. With an education budget of £9 billion, there’s little surprise that South Korea took the title in 2015/16.

2 – Japan

Japan invests in a technology-based educational structure and figures relating to knowledge and insight are exceptionally high. The nations GDP of nearly £4.7 trillion is reflective of their prosperous education system.

3 – Singapore

With third highest GDP per capita worldwide, Singapore invests massively in education. This has resulted in the nation placing so highly in the list of the best education systems in the world.

4 – Hong Kong

The education systems in Hong Kong is not dissimilar to the system in the UK. With a budget of approximately £32,000 per capita, the primary, secondary and higher education levels are effective in their approach and results.

Best education systems in the world
Helsinki, Finland

5 – Finland

Having been placed first in 2012, Finland’s fall from grace largely went under the radar. Many still believe the country’s education system is the best globally, but their premature child admission policy has proved a major drawback.

6 – UK

The UK rank second in Europe but sixth worldwide. Devolution offers a more detailed analysis of the UK’s results revealing that when compared, Scotland has the edge over England.

7 – Canada

Notably, both male and female literacy is above 99% in Canada. College graduates have the world’s highest teacher-student attainment ratio. With the government pledging to invest 5.4% of GPD in education the nation looks set to excel in the future.

8 – Netherlands

Low investments and widely criticised planning and management of high school education leaves the Netherlands in eighth position.

Best education systems in the world
Cobh, Ireland

9 – Ireland

Like Canada, literacy in Ireland for both men and women is at 99%. Ireland spends £7.47 billion on education per year, offering free services from primary to university level.

10 – Poland

With well-established primary, secondary and upper level education bases, Poland ranks fourth in Europe. However Poland only just squeezes into the global top ten.

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