We’re all busy working professionals, so our beauty products need to stand the test of time. Literally. From morning to night we need products we can rely on. Welcome to Compelo’s guide to the absolute best cosmetics brands in the world right now.

1. Best All-Rounder - Charlotte Tilbury

best cosmetics brands - Compelo

Charlotte Tilbury is a beauty connoisseur. I was lucky enough to meet her a few years ago and she told me that The Dolce Vita eyeshadow palette would look great on me. I’m still wearing those shades three years later. Charlotte knows her stuff.

We recommend Charlotte Tilbury products because they are all-rounders. Whatever your skin concern, whatever feature you want to highlight - there will be a product to suit your needs. We promise!

2. Best Beauty Box - Cohorted

best cosmetics brands - Compelo

When the Cohorted Beauty Box landed on my desk I was impressed immediately. The packaging is so slick and stylish (I’m even keeping the box for storage as it’s so pretty!) that it would make the perfect gift for a loved one. The selection of products is excellent and you definitely get more for your money than other beauty boxes on the market. I really like the idea of trying out things you wouldn’t normally get to - perfect for busy women on the go!

3. Best Beauty Brushes - Eco Tools

best cosmetics brands - Compelo

Finding good beauty tools is tough. You want brushes and sponges that can withstand business travel and regular office touch-ups. You also want tools that can help you speed up your routine in the mornings. More snooze time is vital, after all! Eco Tools has already thought of all your needs, and their handy kits are perfect to pop in your suitcase for that last minute trip to the New York office. We are loving their new Limited Edition Anniversary Collection, complete with stylish carry case.

4. Best Range of Colours - Bourjois

best cosmetics brands - Compelo

Looking for a range of lip colours that will suit your every need, mood and time zone? Say hello to the perfect Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. Bourjois has even come up with a handy guide so you can know which shades will suit your skin tone. What more could you ask for from a lipstick brand? This has landed Bourjois firmly in our list of the best cosmetics brands for business professionals.

5. Best Long-Wearing - Paula’s Choice

best cosmetics brands - Compelo

Paula’s Choice is a brand I only discovered fairly recently, but I honestly cannot live without it. Once you try these products you will honestly be hooked for life. I swear by the Shine Stopper and their Resist Anti-Ageing Smoothing Primer Serum is also a must-buy.

6. Best Luxury Brand - Sisley

7. Most Hard-Working Beauty Brand - Goldfaden MD

best cosmetics brands - Compelo

The Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub is honestly going to be sitting beside my sink for the rest of my life. Gone are the days of harsh scrubs, and desperate attempts to get rid of pesky dry patches. This scrub is magical. Featuring non-scratchy ruby crystals which are perfectly rounded, this scrub is gentle enough to use every day. Give it a try - you’ll never use any other scrub again!

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