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Will autonomous drones revolutionise the oil and gas industry?

Leading aerospace group SkyX has revealed ground-breaking autonomous drones. Will these drones completely revolutionise the oil and gas industry? 

$37 Billion Per Year

The oil and gas industry currently depends on vehicles and manned aircraft to monitor pipelines. It is estimated that this costs the market $37 billion every year.

Pipeline leaks are an enormous problem facing the industry. With more than 10,000,000km of oil and gas pipelines worldwide, an efficient solution is eagerly awaited.

SkyX has publicly launched their answer to the monitoring issues facing the market by introducing the SkyOne drone.

Travelling at 150km per hour for up to 70 minutes, the revolutionary gadgets will be used to inspect pipeline projects for damage, provide security surveillance, and also for mapping purposes.

SkyOne Drone

SkyX’s SkyOne drones offer Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) capabilities meaning no runways or launchers are necessary. The SkyOnes can take off anywhere.

As well as autonomous flight, these state-of-the-art drones autonomously recharge. The recharging element of the design is arguably the most exciting innovation.Rather than having to return to home base, the SkyOnes visit xStations to recharge in weather-shielded domes. Once complete, the drone continues with its voyage.

Users are able to access real-time footage of their assets and fleet via a simple interface on the ground. SkyX offer a service-leasing model, allowing oil and gas companies to avoid maintenance issues.

Global Importance

Founder and CEO, Didi Horn states: ‘The market is, obviously, of huge global importance. We know that our technology can significantly cut costs and improve efficiency.’

He continues: ‘Our unique solution, which combines both VTOL flight and autonomous remote charging, puts us well ahead of the competition.’

It seems the industry will soon be flooded with autonomous drones, and SkyX is currently ahead of the game.

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